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Mosley topples Margarito from throne

Ringside by Felipe Leon & Francisco Salazar
Photos by Chris Cozzone -

If the victory over Puerto Rican sensation Miguel Cotto was the birth of a boxing superstar, then his fight against Shane Mosley, last night at the sold-out Staples Center, downtown Los Angeles, was Antonio Margarito's baptism by fire.

Outclassed by Mosley and losing nearly every round, Margarito lost his claim to the welterweight throne when he was stopped 43 seconds into the ninth round, in a lopsided clash for his WBA welterweight belt.

Mosley (46-5, 39 KOs) took the lead early in the first with hard left uppercuts from the inside and straight right hands from the outside. At first, Margarito (37-6, 27 KOs) only smiled as he continued forward, throwing off balanced punches that missed more than they landed.

fightnews.comBy the later rounds, the smile—but not the battering—disappeared.

As Mosley's game plan for the fight became apparent, he boxed from the outside and clinched on the inside, but only after landing hard shots to the body. Margarito began to complain of Mosley's head when they were in close quarters.

In the second round, Mosley continued to land the quicker punches as he attacked Margarito with jabs to, both, the midsection and the forehead, followed by by what became his weapon of choice—the straight right hand.

Margarito had no answer, but to continue to charge forward and wing punches from odd angles.

By the third round, Mosley began to get braver, throwing more-and landing—more punches at close range. The “Tijuana Tornado” remained on the receiving end, but continued to walk towards his rival. The spoiler from Pomona, Calif. seemed to land his right at will, though Margarito began to land heavy punches at the end of the round, but not enough to win yet one stanza.

fightnews.comIn the fourth, Mosley continued to execute his flawless game plan, holding on the inside and landing hard rights from the outside. Midway through the round, both fighters began to exchange heavy punches with Mosley landing more cleanly and frequently. Margarito has no answer but a shell defense and a smile as the bell rang to end the round.

Margarito began with a surge of energy in the fifth with most of he pro-Mexican crowd of 20,820 chanting his name. Although Mosley was the smaller fighter, he continued to control the inside, grappling and holding Margarito to slow down the pace. Midway though the round, Mosley landed a multi-punch combination.

By the sixth round, it was obvious that there was no stopping Mosley’s right hand. When Margarito began to gain momentum, Mosley would shut it down by clinching inside. Near the end of the round, Mosley began to land hard right hands that sent Margarito to the ropes. Once there, Margarito tried to launch an assault, but Mosley's right hands were too quick, and too many.

Near the end of the first minute of the seventh round, Mosley landed a devastating right hand that landed flush to the jaw. Although both fighters began to show signs of fatigue, Mosley continued to control the action, both, from the outside and the inside.

fightnews.comThe second half of the round was all Margarito, who landed some telling punches over Mosley, seemingly enough to win the round in the eyes of two of the three judges. One minute into the eighth, Margarito landed a hard right hand while the crowd continued to show a now-desperate support, still chanting the Tijuanan’s name.

But, just as Margarito began to force the action, Mosley clinched again, slowing down the pace of the bout. Mosley missed a huge uppercut but then connected with a stunning right hand that sent Margarito reeling.

Mosley continued to land clubbing right hands, ultimately sending Margarito down to the canvas. Margarito, barely able to beat the count on wobbly legs, somehow survived the round, but as soon as he sat on the stool, he was bombarded by bottled water and the voice of his trainer, Javier Capetillo, pleading him to regain his senses.

fightnews.comAt the bell to announce the ninth round, the experienced Mosley went after Margarito with all guns blazing, completely overwhelming Margarito. Several big straight right hands prompted the third man in the ring, Raul Caiz Sr., to stop the fight, after Margarito's corner threw in the towel at the 43 second mark of the round.

According to Compubox numbers, Margarito landed only 108 total punches of 485 thrown, while Mosley connected with 70 more, throwing only 22 more. But in non typical Margarito fashion, the "Tijuana Tornado" only landed 78 power punches of 303 thrown giving him a 26% connection ratio while Mosley landed almost half of his 240 power punches thrown, connecting with 118 giving him a 49% percentage.

With the win, Mosley was crowned as the new WBA welterweight champion. –Felipe Leon

fightnews.comGuerrero stops Ruiz in one

Two-time world champion Robert Guerrero impressively stopped Edel Ruiz in the first round of a scheduled ten-round bout.

This was the first fight under the Golden Boy Promotions banner for Guerrero, who split from promoter Dan Goossen last month.

Although it had been 11 months since Guerrero had fought, a seventh round stoppage victory over Jason Litzau in February, he did not show any ring rust.

After trading blows with Ruiz, Guerrero set up a left hook to the body. Ruiz sunk to his knees in pain as referee Jack Reiss began to count, but decided to wave the fight over at 43 seconds.

Guerrero, who recently gave up his world title, is now going to campaign at the 130-pound limit.

Guerrero, from Gilroy, Calif., improves to 23-1-1, 16 KOs. Ruiz, from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, falls to 31-22-4, 22 KOs. –Francisco Salazar

Korobov slaughters Florentino

Middleweight Jose Florentino of Indianapolis, Ind., was easy pickings for former Russian Olympian Matvey Korobov, who needed but 2:28 of his scheduled four rounds to score a win.

Korobov had Florentino hurt with a straight left from the southpaw stance, then finished him off with a flush left hook to the jaw.

Florentino goes to a losing 3-4, 3 KOs, while Korobov stays undefeated with 3 wins, all by knockout. —Felipe Leon

fightnews.comTapia upsets Ramirez

Although his 1-2 record did not show it, Luis Tapia (2-2), of Compton, Calif., came to win over local fan favorite Brian Ramirez (5-2, 3 KOs), of Los Angeles, in a scheduled four-rounder.

Tapia battered Ramirez with a hard body attack and straight punches to the face that opened a gash over the right eye of Ramirez early in the first round.

In the second, Tapia continue to pressure his opponent with a relentless assault in every corner of the ring.

Midway thru the third round , Ramirez began to steadily regain his composure but then he proceeded to land a low blow to Tapia which prompted the official David Mendoza to deduct a point.

With the fight to lose, Ramirez went for broke in the fourth as he rested against the ropes, baiting Tapia to attack. Tapia agreed and they began to exchange power punches with abandon which led for Tapia to develop a bloody nose. The visually winded Tapia began to merely survive the round hoping that he did enough in the previous rounds.

The judges agreed with scores of 38-37 twice and 39-36. —Felipe Leon

Roman outplods Varela

In the same rhythm that they fought, which was plodding, at best, Tijuana’s Saul Roman steadily pressured Jose Varela of Los Angeles, for the first four rounds of a scheduled ten in the junior middleweight division.

In the fifth, Roman stepped on the gas and began to land heavy punches to both the body and head, trapping him against the ropes. Roman, who, in his last bout, soundly defeated Luis "Yory Boy" Campas in nine rounds, back in November, began to land to the head with more frequency and power in the later rounds.

Scores were 79-73 twice and 80-72.--Felipe Leon

www.Fightwireimages.comBroner goes distance for first time

In a lightweight six-round affair, Adrien Broner of Cincinnati, Ohio, controlled most of the action with swift footwork and quick punches, over the game Jose Lugo of Los Mochis, Mexico.

As Lugo had some success with spurts of action on the inside, Broner was just too quick and skillful.

The official scores after six were an interesting 58-57, 60-54 and 56-56. 

Broner stays undefeated with a record of 6-0, 5 KOs, while Lugo drops to 10-7-1, 5 KOs.--Felipe Leon

Salgado decisions Favela

Lightweight Juan Carlos Salgado won a six-round unanimous decision over journeyman Cristian Favela.

www.Fightwireimages.comSalgado was sharper with his punches, working behind a stiff jab. Salgado landed strong hooks to the body as Favela attempted to counter to the head. Salgado landed strong right-left combos, one that momentarily stunned Favela at the end of the second round.

Favela attempted to box from the outside, at times scoring to the head of Salgado. Favela came on more aggressively in the fifth round and was able to catch the taller fighter at times to the head.

However, Salgado controlled the action in the sixth round, landing the more effective punches as Favela slowed down.

All three judges scored the bout in favor of Salgado, with scores of 58-56, 59-54, and 60-54. scored the bout 59-55.

Salgado, from Mexico City, DF, Mexico, improves to 19-0-1, 14 KOs. Favela, from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, falls to 17-18-6, 10 KOs. –Francisco Salazar

www.Fightwireimages.comBelmontes too fast for Hernandez

Junior lightweight Jerry Belmontes won a four-round unanimous decision over Jesus Hernandez.

Belmontes was the faster fighter of the two and was aggressive at times. Hernandez attempted to nullify him using his speed by moving forward and attempting to land to the body. Hernandez did have his moments, but they were few and far between.

Belmontes landed the more effective punches during most of the exchanges between the two.

All three judges scored the bout in favor of Belmontes, with scores of 39-37, 39-37, and 40-36. scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Belmontes.

Belmontes, from Corpus Christi, Texas, goes to 6-0, 1 KO. Hernandez, from Riverside, Calif., falls to 2-4, 2 KOs. –Francisco Salazar

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