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www.Fightnews.comEspino 'Terra-rizes' Garcia!

Ringside by Francisco Salazar and Rocco Morales at ringside
Photography by “Big” Joe Miranda

Although he starred on the popular boxing series on television, Miguel Espino is quickly living up to being an actual contender in the middleweight division.

Espino dropped two-time former world champion Alejandro “Terra” Garcia twice before Garcia quit on his stool after the completion of the sixth round at the Playboy Mansion in Bel Air, CA.

The bout headlined a ten fight “Box Azteca” card, presented Top Rank,
Bash Boxing, ESMG, Art of Boxing, Zanfer, Brian Halquist, and Rumbletime Promotions.

Coming in to the fight, Espino has developed into a strong contender since his last defeat four and a half years ago at the hands of Peter Manfredo Jr. Since the two fighters met in that close bout in 2004, it was Manfredo Jr. who fought in the high-profile bouts in sold out arenas and on television. He even got a shot at a world title against Joe Calzaghe.

All the while, Espino has fought in small venues in California and even in Baja, California.

www.Fightnews.comDuring his now eleven fight winning streak, Espino has captured a regional title and has entered into the world rankings in one of the world sanctioning bodies.

Garcia was a two-time world champion at 154 pounds, and has since gone up in weight in his last few bouts.

In his last bout in November, Garcia fought to an eight round majority decision draw against Jose Luis Zertuche. Before that bout in June, he was knocked out in the first round by Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas.

Throughout the bout, Espino used his athleticism and strength to overpower Garcia. Espino was consistently the one first to land his combinations as Garcia fell into attempts to counter his opponent.
Espino used a wide array of combinations. When Garcia came in wide with his punches, Espino countered down the middle behind an effective jab. Espino had Garcia backing up against the ropes after landing hooks to the body.

Garcia picked up the pace in the third round. He would work well on the inside, landing his own hooks to the body of Espino. However, he did very little of that as he allowed for Espino to back away and work behind a jab.

Espino scored the first knockdown in the fourth round with a counter overhand right to the Garcia’s head. Garcia was able to get up and hold on until the final bell.

Espino scored his second knockdown in the fifth round as he was able to land a left hook to the body of Garcia, dropping him onto his back. Once again Garcia got up and was able to finish the round.

Just when it looked as though Espino was about to move in for the kill in the sixth, Garcia increased his punch output and actually had one of his better rounds in the fight. He was busier and landed hooks to the body of Espino.

However, after the round ended, Garcia’s corner told referee Jack Reiss that Garcia injured his right hand, prompting Reiss to stop the fight.

North Hollywood CA’s Espino, currently managed by former fighter Manny Cota, improves to (20-2, 9 KOs). Garcia from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, drops to (26-5-1, 23 KOs). – Francisco Salazar

www.Fightnews.comKarmazin Stops Echols!

With a possible title opportunity on the line in the near future, middleweight contender Roman Karmazin is not about to let anything get in his way. Not even the explosive hands of Antwun Echols.

Karmazin was dropped by the hard-hitting Echols, but began breaking the veteran down and eventually forced the referee’s stoppage in the seventh round of their scheduled ten round bout.

In his last bout in December, Karmazin won a twelve round unanimous decision over Bronco McKart in a battle of former world champions at 154 pounds. With the victory over McKart, the two-time world champion Karmazin won a minor regional title.

Echols in the meantime had lost four of his last six bouts before the Karmazin fight and had not won a bout since December of 2004. He is best known for losing two world title opportunities to Bernard Hopkins.

Karmazin was consistently on the attack from the opening bell against Echols. Karmazin moved in aggressively in an attempt to land multiple combinations to the head of Echols. Attempting to catch him on the way in, Echols was able to land an occasional right hand to the head.

Ultimately, Karmazin would work the body of Echols, landing repeated left hooks. Although Karmazin was the more accurate and busier fighter, Echols consistently found a home for his right hands and the successful target was the head of his opponent.

www.Fightnews.comEchols punch output dropped however and this allowed Karmazin to move in and out of Echols’ reach to land his hard combinations to the head.

In the fifth round, just when it appeared as though Karmazin was in a rhythm, he left himself wide open after throwing a combination for a perfectly timed right cross to the chin.

Karmazin dropped to one knee, but was not visibly wobbled by the impact of the punch. He did box away from the now aggressive Echols for the rest of the round.

The knockdown seemed to wake Karmazin up as he came on strong in the sixth and seventh rounds.

Karmazin returned to landing right hands to the head which backed Echols up.

In the seventh, Karmazin hurt Echols with an accumulation of punches. Echols backed up against the ropes as Karmazin released a flurry of punches. With Echols not throwing back, it was enough for referee Wayne Hedgepeth to step in and stop the bout at 1:52.

With the victory, Karmazin has hopes of landing a title opportunity against Kelly Pavlik, Arthur Abraham, or any significant middleweight fighter.

Karmazin, from Beverly Hills, CA by way of Katsniezesk, Russia improves to (38-3-1, 24 KOs). Echols, from Davenport, IA, drops to (31-10-4, 27 KOs). – Francisco Salazar

Lopez Decisions Herrera!

Featherweight Alejandro Lopez won an eight round unanimous decision over Yorgli Herrera.

Lopez was the more effective fighter of the two. Lopez was much busier and more accurate than the veteran Herrera. While Lopez threw more combinations, Herrera mostly countered with only one punch at a time.

Lopez staggered Herrera in the third round with a left hook to the temple however, Herrera was able to hold on and even came on strong in that round.

It was Lopez however that seemed content to outbox Herrera from the outside the rest of the fight.

All three judges scored the bout 79-73 in favor of Lopez. FightNews scored the bout 80-72 for Lopez.

Lopez, from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico improves to (11-0, 3 KOs). Herrera, from Sucre, Colombia falls to (21-8, 15 KOs). – Francisco Salazar  

Escobar Stops Luna!

David Luna (2-5, 2KO’s) from Durango, Mexico fought Danny Escobar (1-0, 1KO), of Anaheim, CA in a four round welterweight contest. Escobar made short work of Luna by digging punishing body shots to the midsection of Luna.

The end came after Escobar unleashed a few wicked body shots and proceeded to then land a couple hard right crosses, leaving Luna in bad shape and prompted the referee to intervene. At 2:55 of round one, the referee stopped the fight and declared Escobar the winner by TKO. Escobar improves to (2-0, 2 KOs), while Luna drops to (2-6, 2 KOs). – Rocco Morales

Mills Upsets Diaz!

Super middleweight Joel Mills won a four round unanimous decision over Benjamin Diaz.

Mills dominated the action as Diaz had no answer for the busier fighter. Mills easily countered to the head and body of Diaz.

Diaz would come in and throw looping crosses and hooks. All three judges including FightNews scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Mills.

Mills, from Hollywood, CA by way of Alberta, Canada, goes to (6-3-1, 1 KO). Diaz, from Maywood, CA by way of Oaxaca, Mexico drops to (9-2-1, 6 KOs). – Francisco Salazar

Fedosov Destroys Mireles!

In a scheduled six round heavyweight contest, morbidly obese Francisco “Taz” Mireles (5-3) of Agua Prieta, Sonora, MX, took on the chiseled Andre Fedosov (19-1, 15 KOs).

Fedosov, with trainer Freddie Roach, former heavyweight champ Michael Moorer, and his Russian coach in his corner, he could have handled Mireles with three Playboy Bunnies and one hand tied behind his back instead. All it took were a couple of digging body shots to the blubbery midsection of Mireles before Mireles crumbled to the canvas. This caused Mireles to elect for an early exit, possibly to get to the tasty Playboy Mansion being served.

Time of the stoppage was 1:10 of round one. – Rocco Morales

Brewer Decisions Brownfield!

Super lightweight Prentice Brewer won a four round unanimous decision over Lowell Brownfield.

The southpaw Brownfield controlled the action at the beginning of the first round. Afterwards, Brewer began to settle in and used his speed to land combinations to the head and body of his opponent.

Brewer used effective uppercuts and hooks with his left hand. Brownfield gave a good account of himself but he was eventually overmatched by Brewer.

All three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Brewer. FightNews scored the bout 39-37 in favor of Brewer.

Brewer, from Cleveland, OH, improves to (11-0-1, 6 KOs). Brownfield, from Omaha, NE, drops to (11-5-1, 4 KOs). – Francisco Salazar

Martinez Decisions Rubio!

In a four round super middleweight affair, Jiovanni Rubio (6-9, 4KOs) fighting out of Los Angeles, CA, took on Poppies Martinez (2-0, 1KO), of Leemore, CA. Both fighters appeared out of shape and demonstrated very limited skills.

In what amounted to little more than a tough man contest, Martinez landed the more effective shots to earn a unanimous decision and in doing so moves to (3-0, 1 KO), while Rubio drops to (6-10, 4KOs). Scores were 40-36, 40-36, and 39-37 for Martinez. – Rocco Morales

Schilling – Hendrick Draw!

Super middleweight’s, Joe Schilling (1-0, 1KO), of Los Angeles, CA, challenged Tyrell Hendrick (2-0, 1KO), also of Los Angeles in a four round bout. Both fighters appeared confident and in great shape. At the opening bell, Hendrick wasted no time and went in for the immediate kill. Schilling, unprepared for the onslaught, was quickly floored by a big right cross, and was seriously hurt.

Additionally, to add insult to injury, Hendrick punched Schilling in the back of the head to complete his combination despite Schilling already being down on the canvas. If anything, this proved fortunate for Schilling, as it bought him time as the referee deducted a point from Hendrick and allowed Schilling time to recover from not only the foul, but from the knockdown. Once action resumed, however, things continued where they left off and Hendrick again went after Schilling by landing a huge left hook followed by a hard right cross that floored Schilling for the second time. Schilling did his best to survive, holding, stalling and buying time anyway he possibly could, and did manage to make it out of the round. At the end of the round it was actually Hendrick who looked the worse for wear after suffering a bad cut above his eye from what was ruled an accidental headbutt.

The action in round two was intense warfare between the two fighters as Schilling fought back and Hendrick refused to give an inch. Schilling again, however, seemed to be winning the round, but was deducted a point for throwing an elbow to make it an even round.

Just as things were getting very interesting, due to the dangerous cut above the eye of Hendrick, the referee called an end to the fight between rounds two and three, and given that four rounds had not yet been completed, the fight ended in a technical draw. – Rocco Morales

Evangelista Stops Ali!

In other action late sub Mario Evangelista (2-3, 1KO) took on debuting David Ali in a four round middleweight contest. Ali definitely seemed so tense that he was a threat to have an Andrew Golota like breakdown. Ali’s tension turned him into a very aggressive fighter, but also a fighter who was fighting with his hands down and his chin up. Evangelista, on the other hand, was calm, cool and collected, and weathered the storm of the first two minutes of Round one from Ali, before he started fighting back. He fought back effectively landing a couple big left hooks and overhand rights to unquestionably win the round. Round two belonged to Evangelista with more left hooks and right crosses direct to the exposed chin of Ali. Ali was not just getting beat but just didn’t appear right to the spectators, the opposing corner, the referee or even his own corner. After the mildest of persuasion from the referee, Ali’s corner stopped the fight and even Ali did not argue the stoppage. By TKO victory, Evangelista moves his record to an even (3-3, 2 KOs) while Ali drops to (0-1). – Rocco Morales

Other Notes:

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was in attendance, along with his 20 year old, twin girlfriends. Others in attendance included James Toney, unbeaten lightweight champion Edwin Valero, unbeaten lightweight Urbano Antillon, flyweight Francisco Arce, and actor/ host Mario Lopez.

The Karmazin-Echols bout was the last bout of the evening. A few hundred people watched the bout and it was not being taped for television.

A majority of the card was televised on Azteca America.

Ring announcer was Lupe Contreras. – Francisco Salazar

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