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Ringside by Felipe Leon
Photos by Paul Gallegos

A good size crowd enjoyed a now familiar night of boxing as Bobby D. Presents in association with Jorge Marron Productions returned to the Four Points by Sheraton Thursday night to present their "Summer Showdown" fight card.

The four-bout event was held in the Kearny Mesa suburb of San Diego, just a ten-minute northeast drive from downtown. In the main event, two time Mexican National amateur champion Emilio Bojorquez won a working man like but unexciting unanimous decision over his most experienced opponent to date, Anthony "Maestrito" Martinez in a scheduled eight round jr. welterweight bout.

It was all Bojorquez in the first round as the 36-year-old Martinez looked slow and lackadaisical as the fighter from Tijuana, MX, threw a vast array of punches with the left hook to the body taking center stage. Martinez was the perfect opponent for Bojorquez, 21, to shine as the Nicaraguan just stood in front of Bojorquez and let the younger fighter land punches without much of a counter attack.

A head butt early in the second caused a cut over Bojorquez's left eye as both fighters met in the center of the ring and exchanged inside punches with Emilio's getting there much quicker and harder. Martinez's pudgy mid section became an easy target for the aforementioned left hook as he landed punches with bunches which always landed with the left hook to the body. Martinez tried to counter with his own set of hooks to the body but they didn't make much of a difference as Bojorquez continued to land punches at will to both the head and body of Martinez.

After being warned for low blows to start the third, Bojorquez turned up the heat as he began to throw and much more important land, three and four punch combinations to the face of Martinez as the Nicaraguan just kept walking straight on trying to catch Bojorquez with a lucky punch that might turn the tide towards his beach. Although the fourth was all Bojorquez, some chinks in his armor came to light as Martinez would bully himself to the inside and then throw hooks from either fist which landed flush twice on Bojorquez chin. The pace slowed in the fifth as both fighters began to show fatigue. The cut from Bojorquez's left eye began to flow freely as the grisly veteran landed some convincing punches to that side of his opponents face. Near the end of the round, Bojorquez landed a hard left hook to the chin of Martinez that made the older man stumble back but more from being out of balance than anything else.

After landing a hard right hand to begin the sixth, Bojorquez tried to end the night early as he let go a flurry of punches as he had Martinez trapped against the ropes but Martinez, who has faced the likes of Daniel Ponce de Leon and Acelino Freitas through out his career, was able to survive the short assault. Bojorquez kept controlling the fight has he would muster enough energy to throw four straight punches which would meet the face of Martinez more often than not. Referee Tony Crebs looked on as Martinez kept moving forward and throw punches to show that the punches were not making any effect.

A mouse under Martinez's right eye began to swell as Bojorquez landed every punch in the boxing manual on his man but still not able to drop him or even stop him from coming forward. As Bojorquez's tiredness grew, Martinez was able to score more often as the house fighter would drop his guard. Martinez kept soldiering on under the heavy barrage of punches but it was evident that Bojorquez was winning all the rounds. In the eight and final round, Martinez became more risky as he would jump in from the outside and land hooks to the head of Bojorquez that would go through the younger man's defense. Bojorquez was still in control of the action in the round as he just threw more, harder and quicker punches all the way to the sound of the final bell.

The final scores were an after thought as all three judges saw it 80-72 for Bojorquez. With the win, Bojorquez goes to 15-1, 11KO while Martinez drops his tenth straight to see his record go to 21-32-3, 9 KOs.

fightnews.comGracheve remains unbeaten

In the most anticipated fight of the night, undefeated Denis Grachev of Ishevski, Russia stayed unbeaten as he faced local Imperial Beach, CA, light heavyweight Carlos Ibarra in a scheduled six-round bout. Although not having fought in two years, Ibarr, in his two previous fights, had taken the "O" of his opponents, but tonight was the not the case.

The first round was a slow paced jab fest as Grachev tried to set his will on the Imperial Beach native Ibarra. The much more experienced Ibarra was a bit more effective with strong counter punching. The use of the jab continued in the second as both fighters began to establish their range with their jab. Grachev began to double and even triple up his jab to great effect while Ibarra kept the fight close with more counter punching as he tried to time the perfect opening for his right hand.

Ibarra found his timing in the third as he began to land the right hand almost at will in the beginning of the round and made the much bigger Grachev back up to the delight of his hometown crowd. Grachev would try to pick up the pace but only to be stopped in his tracks with the right hand of Ibarra. The fourth brought Grachev trying to dictate the action as he stayed in the middle of the ring and circled around not letting Ibarra get inside. Ibarra, who has not fought in over two years, began to show signs of fatigue as his punch count began to diminish. Grachev landed a flush hard right hand near the end of round to give him the round.

Midway through the fifth round, Ibarra developed a gushing cut over his left eye from a stiff Grachev jab. As Ibarra felt the urgency of a possible stoppage, he began to throw more blows in hopes that the Russian would commit a mistake that would give him an opening for his money shot, the straight right hand. Grachev stayed right there with Ibarra as the action sped up until the bell to signal the end of the round. Although the fatigue was evident in the sixth round in the face of Ibarra, with the crowd behind him, he still threw a series of combinations that landed effectively on Grachev's face. The bombs really began at the final second mark as both fighters threw until the end.

Judges Fritz Warner and David Mendoza saw it both for Grachev with scores of 58-56 and 59-55 respectively while Sergio Caiz saw it a draw with a score of 57-57.

Quintana-Salas do it again

The last time San Diego flyweight Amaris Quintana and Gloria Salas of Riverside met, it wasn't to exchange beauty tips. Instead, they engaged in a four round war that at the end Quintana's arm was raised and prompted the audience to shower them with dollar bills to show their appreciation.

They felt they needed to do it again.

The action began where it left off as both women began to throw an assortment of punches, some straight, some wild but most of them finding their mark. Salas came out like a bat out of hell to begin the second as she landed wild power punches to the chin of Quintana and kept up the pressure until the middle of the round when Quintana resorted to her jab, throwing three straight, that forced Salas to take her first steps back in the round. Salas was still able to push her opponent against the ropes and control the action.

Midway through the third round, Quintana began to make space between her and Salas which gave her the opportunity to throw three point combinations punctuated with the left hook which found a home on Salas' chin. Salas continued her forward attack and at the same speed which was non-stop. Salas landed two hard rights to welcome Quintana to the fourth round. Salas kept the pressure on as she trapped Quintana against the ropes and went to work to the body and to the head with short uppercuts. Quintana had trouble escaping her place against the ropes until she could get leverage to push Salas off.

This time the action was not intense as Quintana was awarded a controversial unanimous decision with scores of 39-37 twice and 40-36.

Sanchez wins

Tall, lanky Alan Sanchez (2-0) of Fairfield, CA, used a tactic of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" as he used quick and effective two and three punches combinations to win an easy unanimous decision over San Diego, CA's Mario Angeles (1-2-1) in a four round welterweight bout. Sanchez controlled the action through out the fight as he darted in and out of Angeles' reach and scoring with hard, straight punches. Angeles had no other game plan but to try to bully his opponent against the ropes and throw big, wild punches which at times met its mark. Official scores were 40-36 three times.

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