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Ringside by Felipe Leon

With a festive crowd numbering over 1,000, Loyes Promotions presented "Casta de Campeones (Champion's Fury)", their second fight night in as many months, at Tijuana, Mexico’s Municipal Auditorium. After the assembled audience enjoyed the triumphant victory of the Mexican National soccer team over Costa Rica by a score of 3-0 on a large screen, they settled down and enjoyed nine bouts which featured up-and-coming local talent.

fightnews.comIn the main event, crowd favorite David De La Mora (18-0, 12 KOs) remained unbeaten, but only after surviving an early knockdown at the hands of, arguably, the toughest challenge of his career in Luis "Chapito" Valdez (12-4-1, 5 KOS) of Los Mochis, Mex.

In the first, De La Mora established his quicker hands early on as he baited his time and then unleashed a flurry of quick punches that landed on his opponent with bad intentions. "Chapito" proved no slouch, as he was not afraid to exchange leather with "Morita" even though the bombs were coming in hard and often. His strategy proved to be fruitful as Valdez landed a looping over hand right near the end of the round to drop De La Mora in the neutral corner. De La Mora looked more embarrassed than hurt since he had to pull himself up in front of his home crowd to easily beat the count.

fightnews.comBoth fighters started the second tentatively as they had tasted each other's fire power in the first. As De La Mora was taking on the role of the aggressor to make up for the lost point in the first, Valdez was trying to time "Morita" and catch him as he was coming in with a straight right hand that proved successful a couple of times in the round. The round soon took a pattern of both fighters circling around the center of the ring and suddenly unleashing 3-4 punch combinations, usually at the same time which whipped the pro-"Morita" crowd into a frenzy.

De La Mora who fights out of the CREA Gym, began to develop a small mouse under his left eye as he kept up the pressure on Valdez. De La Mora seemed to get more confident as the seconds ticked away in the round as he began to turn his punches better and with more power. Valdez was not to be undone as he kept right up with De La Mora releasing his own set combos in quick, short spurts.

Early in the fourth, De La Mora scored with a right hook that dropped Valdez to his knees. As he began to get to his feet, he complained of a rabbit punch to referee Juan Jose Ramirez but the official continued with his count. Valdez beat it, but appeared upset, deciding to take it out on De La Mora as he trapped his opponent against the neutral corner to unleash a flurry of punches. De La Mora reacted in kind but with much straighter punches that got there quicker. De La Mora began to damage Valdez.

The action continued in the fifth as both began to throw and land big punches as they took turns getting trapped in a neutral corner. De La Mora suffered from a cut over his right eye that was difficult to determine if it was from a cut or a butt. Sensing that he was beginning to be worse for wear with the mouse growing under his left eye and the cut over his right, De La Mora turned up the heat in the sixth and promptly dropped Valdez again with a straight right hand. Valdez beat the count but only to go down again from a left hook to the body. This time, Valdez was not able to beat the count.

Official time was 1:09 of the sixth round.

fightnews.comLeyva takes out Soriano

Former IBF minimumweight champion now fighting at bantamweight, Roberto "Mako" Leyva dispatched Omar Soriano of Agua Prieta, MX, in the third round of a scheduled eight semi-main event. The first began with good give-and-take from both fighters as it only took about thirty seconds of study for each one to try to impose their will on their rival.

Both fighters used the same strategy of walking down their opponent and trapping him against the ropes and then unleashing a barrage of punches but by the second round, Leyva changed his tune as he began to put together a string of combinations which started to make an effect on Soriano.

fightnews.comSoriano's only defense was his offense as he tried to slow down Leyva's measured attack with wild, swinging punches in hopes of catching Leyva by surprise. The one that got caught was by surprise was Soriano as early in the third round the southpaw Leyva landed a hard left hook to the mouth of the stomach that forced Soriano to take a quick knee. Soriano beat the count but only to be welcomed back into the action with another left but this time to the chin that staggered Soriano. Leyva followed it up again with another left hook to the mid section that hurt Soriano and prompting referee Guillermo Ayon to waive off the bout.

Official time was 2:30 of the third round.

With the win, Leyva sees his record go to 26-9-1 with an impressive 21 KOs while Soriano drops to 18-13-1, 11 KOs.

Mendoza battles it out with Aguilar

In an all-out war, Tijuana, MX's Javier "Cobrita" Mendoza (10-1-1, 7 KOs) destroyed a tough Francisco Aguilar (6-4, 6 KOs) in the fifth round of a scheduled six.

After having trouble with the activity from Aguilar in the first, jr. flyweight buckled down in the second and began to get inside of his taller opponent and attack the body. The hard hitting Aguilar kept going after Mendoza, landing same straight right hands and hooks to both the body and head of the southpaw "Cobrita" but Mendoza was not deterred as he continued assaulting the body with hard punches from every angle.

The work paid dividends in the fourth as a right hook to the side of the torso sent Aguilar down. Aguilar beat the count only to be beaten until the end of the round hard shots to the mid section. Aguilar did not seem as he was going to answer the bell for the fifth as he stayed on his stool until referee Juan Jose Ramirez got to the count of seven, but the game Aguilar stood and went after Mendoza in one last try to salvage a win but Mendoza was not having it as he scored with another right hook to the body that this time Aguilar was not able to recuperate from. Official time was 1:08 of the fifth round.

Prelim results

In a quick 1:18 outing, Alejandro "Mantequitas" Rubio, nephew of multi-time world champion Manuel "Mantecas" Medina, dropped Martin Valdez twice with laser sharp straight right hands in the first of a scheduled six super featherweight rounds with Valdez not getting to his feet before referee Guillermo Ayon reached the count of ten. With the win, Rubio of Tijuana, MX, stays unbeaten with nine wins and scores his 5th KO while Valdez also of Tijuana, drops to 3-6-1, 2 KOs.

In a give-and-take six round middleweight bout, Guillermo Garcia (4-1, 1 KOs) of Durango, MX, scored the upset over local Paul Rodriguez (7-3-4, 2 KOs) with a controlled aggressive attack that made Rodriguez look lethargic. Rodriguez was able to mount somewhat of an assault in the middle rounds but Garcia finished strong to earn the split decision with scores of 58-56 twice while Monique Rendon saw it even at 57-57.

Tijuana super featherweight Omar Estrella (8-2-2, 4 KOs) made quick work of Agua Prieta, MX's Lizandro De Los Santos (8-2, 3 KOs) as he dropped him three times, the first with a left upper cuts and then two more times with straight right hands to force referee Juan Morales Lee to waive off the bout at the 2:01 mark of the first round of a scheduled six.

An entertaining welterweight scrap ensued between across border rivals as southpaw Israel Ornelas of San Diego chopped down Giovanni Inzunza of Tijuana by way of Guamuchil, MX, with straight right hands to the top of the forehead. Inzunza was game as he pressured Ornelas around the ring and occasionally trapping him against the ropes to land 2-3 punch combinations. Ornelas seemed to hurt his left hand to begin the fourth as he circled the ring, hesitant to engage his opponent which gave the opening to Inzunza to attack even more and take the round. After four rounds, the judges Roman Cruz and Monique Rendon saw it 38-38 each while Juan Carlos Pelayo saw it for Ornelas with a score of 39-37.

In a battle of Tijuana featherweights, Carlos Mendoza (0-2) looked for his first win as he stalked the taller and lankier Jesus Badillo (2-0, 1 KOs) around the ring. As Mendoza flung wild and wide power punches, Badillo kept him at bay with straighter but inconsistent punches as he landed the jab well but failed to follow up with anything else. At the end of four rounds, two of the judges saw it for the tentative boxing of Badillo as Juan Carlos Pelayo scored it 39-37 and Roman Cruz 40-36 for him while Monique Rendon gave it to the more aggressive Mendoza with a score of 39-37. The official verdict was a majority decision for Badillo.

In an almost non action four round jr. flyweight bout, Tijuana, MX's Miguel Angel Garcia landed the little amount of punches were thrown as he earned a unanimous decision over Sergio Nunez, also of TIjuana. Official scores were 40-36 twice and 39-37.

After a competitive first round, it seemed as super flyweight Jose Estrella (1-1-1) was going to spoil the debut of former national amateur champion Gilberto "Tyson" Almendra (0-0-1), both of Tijuana, MX, with faster and straighter punches and big overhand rights that landed at will. Almendra tried to keep up but to no avail until the fourth and final round when he let his hands go and stole the round. Shockingly, judges Juan Carlos Pelayo and Dr. Roman Cruz scored it 38-38 each while Monique Rendon had it more accurately at 39-38 for Estrella. The official decision was a majority draw.


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