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Ringside by Chad Edward
Photos by Drew Riedman

Promoter Andrew Williams of R & R Promotions kicked off the Labor Day weekend beneath a clear sky Saturday night at the Hamilton County Fair Grounds in Cincinnati with a five-bout pro card titled "The Undefeated" lead by local lightweight talent "The Problem" Adrien Broner.

Broner, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, faced late replacement Henry White, Jr.

Broner was greeted with loud cheers and applause from his hometown crowd as he walked to the ring. “Golden Boy in the house! Golden Boy in the house," a fan shouted as Broner stepped between the ropes.

Broner immediately demonstrated his superior skill as he scored early in the opening round with a pair of flush lead left hooks as White lunged with a jab. The second punch plopped White on his butt against the ropes, but he erected himself immediately. White abandoned jabbing his way inside and switched to clinching anytime Broner closed the gap. During one tie up, Broner drilled White in the head with three short overhand rights over the arm of his opponent.

fightnews.comBy the second round, Broner had timed his opponent’s advance and countered with a right uppercut that stumbled White. White was determined to clutch and grab Broner, but the young prospect created space and unleashed several left hooks to the midsection of White. White continued to hang onto Broner at every opportunity.

"Quit wrasslin'," the referee warned White to no avail.

The round ended after Broner buckled White’s knees with a straight right hand.

At the sound of the bell for the third round, Broner came out quick to tag White with a left uppercut followed with a right hook. White clumsily sought to clinch Broner as he staggered forward. The pattern continued of White clinching Broner and of Broner landing punishing shots in between the referee separating the fighters.

Toward the end of the round, Broner threw a menacing right-left combo that sent White falling forward. White desperately tried to clinch but Broner sidestepped and connected with a right hook. White fell face first into the ropes as the referee rushed forward stopping the fight as the bell rang seconds later.

The official time of the knockout was 2:58 of the third round.

As White lay prone for approximately two minutes, Broner climbed a neutral corner and beat his chest for the flashbulbs from his adoring fans.

After the exciting, sudden end, Broner challenged Cincinnati Bengals wide-out Chad Ochocinco, who was among the celebrators in Broner's corner. "My next fight is going to be against Chad Ochocinco, number 85," Broner jokingly announced into the mic.

Despite the bravado, Broner is fighting for the Ohio state lightweight title November 28th versus an opponent to be named.

A professional since May of 2008, this was the seventh fight this year for up-and-coming Broner.
With the victory, Broner continues his undefeated streak to 12 wins with 9 knockouts. White falls to 4-4-1 with 3 knockouts.


Heavyweight David Long (7-1-1, 4 KOs) fell a colossus of a man in Wes Taylor (7-14-1, 7 KOs) at 1:51 of round one. The conclusion was foreshadowed when Taylor met the mat after running headfirst into a stiff straight earlier in the round. Taylor rose on Jell-O knees and Long closed with a flurry capped by a bout-ending right hook. Blood and mucus bubbled from Taylor's lips as he wavered. Taylor folded forward on stiff legs and then crumbled backwards, meeting the mat with a thud supported by roars from Long's hometown crowd.


Cincinnati’s own lightning-handed southpaw featherweight "Untouchable" Brandon Bennett won a six-round unanimous decision over "Tupac" Darrell Martin.

Bennett had a counter for every trick up Martin's sleeve in round one. Bennett consistently landed a lead right hook to the head of his opponent over Martin’s own lead left hook, which kept Martin off-balance. In the second round, Bennett clammed-up flat-footed and allowed Martin inside as Bennett hoped to find a bout-ending counter. Martin came in throwing wild shots to no advantage as the counters of Bennett bounced off his opponent’s noggin with a thud. Bennett smartened up in round three and started jabbing to set-up a big shot but Martin danced through the round as Bennett gave chase. By the final round, Bennett was panting from chasing Martin and teeing-off on his concrete head.

Bennett - going six rounds for the first time - moves to 7 wins and no losses with 3 knockouts. Martin drops to 4-11, with 1 knockout.


William “Action” Jackson won a split decision over Allen Norman in a welterweight four rounder. Jackson buckled the knees of Norman twice in round one, first with a left hook as Norman closed inside and again with a 1-2 combo. Norman charged out of his corner in round two determined to walk Jackson down. The indomitable Norman landed three flush left hooks in the process. Jackson countered Norman's bull rush with an uppercut and a pair of body shots in the third. Norman did not falter and he connected with a left hook to Jackson's jaw that sent the battle into the ropes.

The fighters continued the heated exchanges in round four until the final bell rang.

Two of the judges scored the bout 39-37 for Jackson while the remaining judge saw the contest as a draw at 38-38

Jackson - who is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions - keeps his record clean with 4 wins and 2 knockouts while Norman’s record goes to 6 wins and 3 losses with 3 knockouts.


In the opening bout, lightweight Tony Walker (4-0-1, 2 KOs) dropped Eric Ricker (2-4) to the canvas three times in the second round to earn a TKO. The first knockdown was the result of three left hooks. The second down was a right to the short rib that left Walker's mouth gaping in agony. A defeated fighter, it only took another glancing shot to the body of Ricker to earn the final knockdown.


“The Undefeated” also showcased 7 amateur fights bouts that were presented before the pro bouts. Cincinnati's own two-time Olympian Rau’shee Warren was the main event of the amateur portion of the card. Also in action were Cincinnati Golden Gloves alumni heavyweight Danny Calhoun and Petey Davis plus hometown standout Aaron Hollis, all of whom - including Warren - were victorious.



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