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Kolle Ready For Bonsante

Interview by Ramon Hough
Photo by Jesse Kelly

Middleweight Andy 'Kaos' Kolle (17-2, 12 KOs) will be taking on Anthony 'The Bullet' Bonsante (32-10-3, 18 KOs) in the main event this Saturday at the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minn. Coming off a knockout loss to world titlist, pound-for-pound entrant Paul Williams, the 26-year-old Kolle says his focus is solely on this fight as he aims to get back in the win column.

Here is what Kolle had to say:

You're taking on a tough, rugged veteran fighter in 38-year-old Tony Bonsante, why are you taking this fight instead of an easier opponent in your return from a defeat?

I’m a fighter and that’s all I want to do. It doesn’t matter much who my team selects for me to fight. Either way I am going to commit myself 100% to training for each fight. I'm the type of person who hates having regrets and that is why I make sure to bring the best that I have to every fight. As a fighter I also want to do my part in pleasing the fans. This is the fight the fans wanted so we pushed for it and here we are.

What are your advantages going into this fight and what makes you think you will beat Bonsante?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Bonsante is a solid fighter but I truly believe that I have the style to beat him. I’ve thought that for awhile and I have pushed for this fight since Tony won the state title a couple years ago. I know a lot of people look at how he beat Vanda and compare it to my fight with him (Vanda) and pick him as the favorite but that is the beauty of this sport, styles make fights!

Bonsante has a good inside game and seems to wear people out with his strength and uppercuts inside. How do you plan to combat that and neutralize his considerable in-fighting skills?

That is a question I will be glad to answer in the ring on Saturday night!

I know you're probably focused solely on Bonsante, but do you think this fight could be the beginning of other intriguing Minnesota fights in or around your weight division? (Kost, Truax?)

That’s the best thing of being a middleweight in many options. We have been trying to get fights at 154 because that is a weight I would feel more comfortable at but the opportunities keep coming up at 160 pounds. But you’re definitely right I am focused solely on winning that title.

Bonsante has brought in former world champion Bronco McKart and Canadian champ Larry Sharp (both southpaws) to simulate your southpaw style. Have you made any special arrangements as far as sparring or preparation that you can share with us?

I’m glad Bonsante was able to get that type of sparring, that just makes the matchup that much more intriguing. I have sparred a lot of rounds in preparation for this fight. Bonsante is a serious challenge and, like I said before, I went to camp knowing that and did everything in my power to prepare for him!

You recently held a public workout session in front of a large crowd. Although you have had some big fights to prepare you for the type atmosphere you might see this Saturday, can you talk about how you feel the public workout so close to fight time could help prepare you for what is to come.

Honestly, I thought the casino would have done a better job promoting this fight up in Duluth since we are so close. If I hadn’t been involved in the fight, I don’t think I would have known about it. We just figured we would do a public workout in front of the amateur boxing crowd just to get people interested in the fight in Hinkley. So basically it was a way of getting a good workout in and at the same time doing a little fight promotion.

Do you have anything to add?

I just want to thank everybody that’s helped me prepare for this fight, as well as everybody who’s made this fight possible. This is a great matchup pitting two fighters who like to stand toe to toe and fight against each other. That’s a combination that always makes for an exciting fight! I also want to thank for taking the time to do this interview to help us hype this fight…it’s gonna be a war. See you at the fights!

Note: Andy Kolle politely declined to talk about his prior fights. Kolle wanted to stay focussed on the fight with Anthony Bonsante.


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