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Vegas vengeance on Vega for Namauu

Ringside report and photos by Chris Cozzone

Las Vegas cruiserweight Henry Namauu might’ve been overmatched when he turned pro in 2008, lasting just under a minute against a 5-2-1 Erick “Dynamite” Vega, of Phoenix.

Last night was a different story.

Defusing “Dynamite” Vega with a big right hand, Namauu pummeled his way to payback with a unanimous decision victory.

The six-round cruiserweight clash headlined a five-bout card promoted by Crown Boxing at the Orleans Casino’s Mardi Gras Ballroom in Las Vegas.

Vega outboxed his way through most of the first round – until Namauu rocked him against the ropes with his first big right. Though returning fire with his own right hand, to end the round, Vega came out for round two a careful, defense-minded creature. Namauu, sensing the turnaround, pawed his jab at Vega, setting up several rights that found their mark.

Vega went to war with Namauu in the third, both landing big rights. Jabbing and going to the body, Vega might’ve taken the round by his work rate, though Namauu’s shots landed with more impact.

Vega discovered, in round four, that his left hooks couldn’t miss, but getting close enough to throw them became a problem when Namauu slammed him with a right hand that sent his mouthpiece flying. Clearly hurt, Vega tied up until Referee Joe Cortez could stop the action to replace the mouthpiece. When the fight resumed, so did Namauu’s furious assault – another series of rights sent Vega’s mouthpiece airborne again. This time he endured until the bell rang, but was in sorry shape when he stumbled back to his corner.

Rounds five and six saw Vega in survival mode. Though game and willing to trade in spots, Vega spent the majority of time against the ropes with Namauu pounding at him.

At the end of six, all three cards read 59-55, for Namauu, who ups his record to 5-3, 3 KOs.

Vega, 0-3-1 in his last four, slips to 8-5-2, 6 KOs.

Santomauro-Yanez steals show

In the best fight of the night, a four-round jr. lightweight showdown between locals, Rocco Santomauro (2-0) picked up a unanimous decision win over David Yanez (0-2-1).

Santomauro connected with speedy jabs and arm punches in the first. In the second, Yanez found his jab, closed the distance and started to land a straight right while Santomauro sought to load up on rights, most of which missed.

What had been a somewhat technical fight turned into full-blown war in rounds three and four. Though landing behind the head all too often, Santomauro’s work rate edged Yanez’s cleaner shots.

Both landed their best shots in the last round, Santomauro buckling Yanez’s knees at one point, with a big right.

When the scores were read - 40-36 twice, and 39-37, all for Santomauro - the crowd booed the decision.

Fightnews had it 38-38.

Santiago stops Romero

In the only knockout of the night, Phoenix featherweight Alexis Santiago (2-0, 1 KO) knocked out Vegas’ Rodrigo Romero (1-4) at :29 of round two.

Romero edged his way through the first, beating Santiago to the punch. Santiago loaded up on right hands, most of which missed, which led Romero to ignore a left hook attack – which came 20 seconds into the second, flooring him for the count.

Battease cruises through decision

In a four-round featherweight bout, Las Vegas’ Brian Battease (6-1-2, 1 KO) picked up a shutout decision over Denver’s Jairo Delgado (3-4, 3 KOs).

Delgado plodded forward, while Battease kept a tight defense, countering with rights. Unable to land, Delgado swapped roles as aggressor, with Battease moving forward from the third round on. Big rights splashed down on Delgado, who remained game, but outmatched, through the rounds.

All three scorecards were 40-36.

Alcolea outpoints Duhart

In the opening bout, Vegas welterweight Raul Duhart (2-2, 2 KOs), who was six pounds overweight at the weigh-in, at 143, was outpointed by lightweight Juan Rumaldo Alcolea (1-1).

www.fightnews.comNeither landed anything damaging in the first, though Alcolea was busier. With both fighters trying to land at range made a dull second round, but in the last minute Alcolea landed a damaging right hand.

Tired, no doubt from sweating off pounds at the weigh-in, and telegraphing his punches, Duhart was outgunned in the third, though he made a game effort in the final stanza. Still, no one landing clean or heavy, Alcolea was the busier fighter.

Scores were 40-36 twice and 39-37, for Alcolea. Fightnews: 40-36, Alcolea.

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