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www.Fightnews.comMares knocks out Almanza

Ringside by Rocco Morales
Photography by “Big” Joe Miranda

In a final tune-up fight prior to his scheduled May 22nd title challenge for the IBF bantamweight belt of Yohnny Perez, IBF No. 6 bantamweight contender, Abner Mares, took on tough journeyman fighter Felipe Almanza at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Almanza proved a lot tougher than his record indicated, coming in undefeated in his last eight fights and offering a very awkward style for Mares, as well as some very rough tactics.

The opening round was a feeling out kind of round with both fighters settling in. However, once Mares started to pick apart the defense of Almanza in the second round, Almanza came to life and showed why in two of his last four losses entering the fight he had been disqualified. Repeatedly, Almanza hit Mares with illegal low blows and after awhile, it became apparent that these were not accidental blows.

Mares, to his credit, kept his composure and dropped Almanza with a hard uppercut in the third round. This only made Almanza angrier, and upon rising, he complained to the referee that he was tripped, although it was clear that he was, in fact, knocked down by the hard uppercut.

After a few more low blows, the referee warned Almanza that the next one would cost him a point deduction but this only led Almanza to better disguise his low blows as he now aimed them at Mares' thigh that was opposite from the referee.

Fortunately, Mares would not endure too many more of these illegal shots, and never once complained, but just went about his business. That business would include a vicious double right hand uppercut that finally spelled the end of Almanza and his dirty tactics, as he crumpled to the canvas and was counted out at 2:23 of the fifth round.

In impressive fashion, Mares improves to 20-0 (13KO's) and figures to be a very dangerous challenger to Yohnny Perez when they meet on the undercard of the fourth episode of Israel Vasquez vs. Rafael Marquez. Almanza, unable to escape with yet another Disqualification loss, instead suffers a much deserved knockout and drops to 19-16-3 (9KO's).

Rios stops Ledesma

In co-main event action, a six-round junior lightweight fight, undefeated Ronnie Rios met Andres Ledesma. In a good action fight, Ledesma was able to take Rios best punches to the head while landing a few of his own. However, finally, Rios unleashed a vicious shot to the liver that folded Ledesma in half and had him down and out for the count. The KO victory for Rios came at 1:45 of the fifth round and with the victory, Rios improves to 10-0 (5 KO's) while Ledesma drops to 15-17-1 (10 KO's)

Wilson draws with Ochoa

In a very entertaining fight, a scheduled four-round jr. featherweight contest, 21 year old Derrick Wilson took on 19 year old Adam Ochoa. Wilson impressed in the first couple rounds with his lightning fast hand speed, yet he never seemed totally balanced. Meanwhile, Ochoa, after a slow start, came on strong in the second half of the fight and by timing Wilson's punches, he was able to catch Wilson with solid shots down the stretch. Despite his corner's pleas, Wilson was not very busy in the final round and, as a result, he cost himself the potential victory. With two judges scoring it a draw, and one judge scoring in favor of Wilson, the bout ended by way of a Majority Draw. Wilson's record goes to 5-1-2 (2 KO's) while Ochoa's record goes to 2-1-1 (1 KO).

Aleman TKOs Fisher

In other supporting action featuring two debuting fighters in a scheduled four-round welterweight fight, David Aleman met Gerald Fisher. Fisher clowned around with the crowd prior to the opening bell, but the crowd was more entertained when Fisher got dropped in the opening five seconds of the fight by the first punch thrown by Aleman. Fisher got up on wobbly legs and managed to make it all the way to 0:54 of the opening round before the referee saved him from further punishment. With the TKO victory, Aleman improves to 1-0 (1KO) while Fisher drops to 0-1.

Dudchenko KOs Kilfian

In supporting action, a scheduled six-round light heavyweight contest, Anatoliy Dudchenko took on Harley Kilfian. With a single overhand right over Kilfian's lazy jab, Dudchenko earned the victory by way of knockout at 1:08 of the opening round. In victory, Dudchenko improves to 8-2 (6KO's) while glass chinned Kilfian suffers his third consecutive knockout and drops to 8-5 (7KO's).

Savage outclasses Stainislavjevic

In the opening bout of the evening, a scheduled four-round super middleweight affair, Dion Savage outclassed overmatched Danny Stainislavjevic and easily disposed of him, knocking him down twice and earning the victory by TKO at 1:53 of the 1st Round. With the TKO victory, Savage improves to 7-0 (5KO's) while Stainislavjevic, who was just one of his last 15 fights, drops to a hapless 8-18-4 (4KO's).

Martinez decisions De Oca

The walk out bout was a scheduled six round jr. middle contest, and saw Aaron Martinez take on Pablo Montes De Oca. In a sloppy fight that included low blows and head butts on each side, causing each fighter to suffer cuts, it was Martinez who emerged victorious at the end by way of unanimous decision. With the victory, Martinez improves to 12-1-1 (3KO's) while Montes De Oca drops to 9-19-2 (6KO's).

Promoter for Fight Night Club at Club Nokia was Golden Boy Promotions.

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