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Mayweather prepares for showdown

Story by Andreas Hale
Photos by Mary Ann Owen /

As the hours and days tick off the clock before Floyd “Money” Mayweather (40-0, 25 KOs) and “Sugar” Shane Mosley (46-5, 39 KOs) clash at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, NV on May 1st, the two sides continue to exchange verbal jabs before the real ones.

At Mayweather’s recent media day at his gym in Las Vegas, “Money” pulled no punches when discussing his upcoming fight. What many may not know is that this fight has been a long time coming for both fighters. Mayweather has wanted a piece of Mosley since as far back as the year 2000.

"I tried to face Mosley before but he outbid himself,” Mayweather explains. “Back then we weren't making that kind of money. I was making more than him, but still you have to be realistic. It has to be a fair amount. Now he sees how much I am making and how much he can make fighting me, but now he's older with losses. I was trying to fight him when he was undefeated and he wasn't a smart enough businessman to make a fair deal.”

Fortunately, the fight will finally happen and even though Shane is now 38-years-old, he still represents the biggest test outside of a fighter whose name was not spoken by Mayweather at all during media day.

"Shane is a solid welterweight with great accomplishments, but I have been fighting these kinds of fighters my whole career without much appreciation,” he explains.

The truth of the matter is that Mosley is arguably the most accomplished fighter in the ring that Mayweather has faced to date. The man they call “Money” probably agrees with that assessment, but in front of a collection of journalists gathered inside his sweltering gym on an April afternoon, Mayweather brims with nothing but confidence.

"They all talk about Shane's strength, but in boxing you need all over strength from head to toe,” he says. “If we were in a weightlifting match then strength might have something to do it with it. But we are in a boxing match and I am the best boxer in the sport. If you compare our records you have to ask yourself which fighter is better and smarter. That would have to be me.”

There are currently no chinks in Mayweather’s undefeated armor. As Mayweather prepares his daily routine for the media, one has to wonder if Mosley will be the one to finally serve Mayweather with his first loss. Questions come from all angles regarding whether or not Mayweather is at all concerned with Mosley’s claims that he will knock him out.

"No one has a chance to beat me,” he says as a grin stretches across his face. “All of these fighters do the same interviews, talking about how they are going to beat me. Guess what? Same interviews, same results. It hasn't happened yet.”

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