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Castillo takes out Dianzo

Ringside report & photos by Felipe Leon

Since the mega event put on by Box Latino for the Erik Morales-Francisco Lorenzo 12-round bout last December, Zanfer Promotions, the leading boxing promoter in Latin America, came to the rescue last Friday night and put together an eight-bout card for Tijuana, Mexico.

Filled to the brim with local prospects, most of them making their pro debut, the night billed as "Night of Warriors" proved to the almost 700 patrons in the city's Municipal Auditorium to be a worthy opener to the year's boxing season.

In the 10-round main event, undefeated lightweight prospect Misael Castillo (20-0, 18 KOs) of nearby seaside port Ensenada, made short work of hard hitting Francisco Dianzo (21-8, 18 KOs) of Mexico City, only needing 95 seconds of the first round to stop him.

Castillo, better known as the winner of last year’s regional jr. welterweight tournament “Guante Azteca (Aztec Glove)” has been on a tear, knocking out 11 out of his last 12 opponents, while the more experienced Dianzo, who has faced world class opposition such as former world champion Cristobal Cruz and current WBC featherweight champ Takahiro Ao, was in his second fight since taking a five-year hiatus from the sport.

It was no contest from the opening bell as Castillo controlled the action from the beginning. Using a well-educated jab, Castillo was able to get in close to Dianzo and score with a hard left hook to the liver and that is all it took to send the clearly over matched Mexico City fighter reeling back and into the ropes. Once there, Castillo was able to score with hard hooks to the body followed with a barrage to the head of Dianzo. Dianzo stumbled his way to the blue corner as referee Juan Jose Ramirez jumped in between the two fighters to stop the beating.

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Silva and Arroyo Battle to a Draw in Fight of the Night

Local favorite Jorge "Pantera" Silva (14-1-1, 13KOs) and Tepic, Mexico's Guillermo Arroyo (12-1-1, 8KOs) fought to a well received majority draw in what turned out to be the fight of the night in the eight round semi-main event.

The action began quickly after the first bell when both discharged their own set of salvos to the head of their enemy. Almost no jabs were thrown, let alone scored, as both fighters went after each other with power punches in the form of hooks, uppercuts and hard looping right hands with everything on them. Much to the delight of the crowd, the action continued in the second with Arroyo getting there quicker with his punches while Silva tried to solve the riddle in front of him. Near the end of the round, he did just that as he scored with a big left hook that hurt Arroyo but the visiting warrior was still able to survive the round. Arroyo came back in third and went back to what was effective before which was a pure aggressive attack. Despite both fighters throwing and landing punches with bad intentions, Arroyo looked in control as he controlled the action and pressured Silva around the ring. Both fighters were scoring with big punches but Arroyo's were getting there quicker in this round as well as the fourth in which Silva had some success scoring with upper cuts from either fist.

The tide turned in the fifth as Silva took over and made it his round with a non-stop attack on Arroyo. Silva took the fight to Arroyo and as the "Pantera" led a bull like charge, Arroyo was able to score with a hard left hook mid way through the round that made Silva take a step back but the Tijuana favorite was still able to close and take the round. With the surge that the success of the last round gave him, Silva began to showboat by keeping his hands below his waist and doing the Ali shuffling but despite the antics, he was still successful in scoring against Arroyo and scored a hard right hand that hurt his opponent. The tough as nails Arroyo was able to recoup from the punch and scored with his own set of power punches but it was Silva's round. Early in the sixth round, Silva committed an error that at the end would cost him the win. As Silva hurt Arroyo once again with a series of power punches, Arroyo did was expected and clinched. As referee Juan Jose Ramirez broke up the clinch, Silva decided to throw a back hand punch behind his head which he surprisingly landed. Ramirez wasted no time to penalize him a point for his unsportsmanlike conduct. Knowing that he was a point behind, Silva laid it all on the line but Arroyo was right there with him and the stanza became one of attrition with both warriors giving the Tijuana boxing audience what they paid for. Arroyo had the slight edge in the round as he landed the more consistent and harder punches for the three minutes.

With the fight on the line, Silva again brought the fight to Arroyo and scored repeatedly through out the eight and last round. All Arroyo could do for most of the attack was try to hold on in hopes that the judges saw it his way. At the end, judge Frank Navarro actually did, scoring the fight a tight 76-75 while Monique Rendon and Dr. Roman Cruz saw it an even 75-75. In retrospect, if Silva had not had the point deducted, he would have won the contest via unanimous decision.

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Flores Boxes His Way to a Win

It took up and coming Ensenada, MX, jr. flyweight Maximino Flores (8-0, 5KOs) all six rounds to earn a majority decision over Sergio Nuñez of Tijuana, MX. In Flores’ last bout last August, he stopped Hugo Jimenez in four rounds while Nuñez defeated Gabriel Lopez via unanimous decision in his third win in a row.

The bout began average enough as both fighters engaged in back and forth boxing from the outside with the slightly rangier Flores get the best of the exchanges with his longer arms getting there quicker. In the second, Nuñez began to score with wild but effective punches from different angles. Flores, a Mexican amateur standout, began to use feints in hopes of luring Nuñez to throw and then counter punch which worked towards the end of the round. Flores continued to score effectively in the third from the outside as he continued to take advantage of his longer reach and was able to tough Nuñez from the outside. Not to be deterred, Nuñez kept up with Flores as he kept busy, scoring with over hand right and a sporadic body attack when he was able to get up close.

The rounds began to tighten up beginning in the fourth as the ebb and flow of the contest began to take shape with Flores fighting beautifully from the outside while Nuñez tried to score from the inside when he had a chance. Both had their moments during the round. The fifth and sixth round brought more of the same as both fighters used their own individual strengths to score points with Flores being the slightly better of the two.

The judges taught the same as Dr. Roman Cruz and Frank Navarro scored it 59-55 and 58-56 for Flores, respectively, while Monique Rendon saw it an even 57-57 giving Flores the majority decision to stay undefeated.

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Other Results:

In a rough and tumble back and forth, super welterweight Luis Enrique Araiza put together enough pressure to eventually stop Daniel Cabrales, both of Tijuana, in the third round of a scheduled four. Both fighters had their moments as each fought for the inside real estate but once the shorter Araiza stepped back and jumped in with punches, he was able to score effectively. At the 2:12 mark of the third round, Araiza sent down Cabrales with a barrage of punches that began with a hard left hook that Cabrales never saw. Seconds later, Araiza caught Cabrales against the ropes and dropped him with a straight right hand. With the win, Araiza sees his record go to 2-1, 1KO) while Cabrales drops down to 1-2.

After a torturous to watch four round junior flyweight contest, Jonas Salvatierra (1-0) scored his first ever pro win over Carlos Lopez (0-1) of Tijuana, MX. Neither fighter scored with anything of notice but Salvatierra of Ensenada, MX, was the busier of the two.

Jose Uscapegui (1-0, 1KO) scored a tremendous knockout in the first round over Ramon Rosales (0-1), both of Tijuana, in the first round of a middleweight four. The much taller Uscapegui needed a half a round to find his distance over Rosales but once he did, he scored with a hard jab followed with a devastating right hand that sent Rosales down and completely out. Referee Juan Morales Lee did not bother to administer a count. Official score was 1:38.

Leonel Leon only needed twenty-six seconds of the very first down to stop the not so ready for his pro debut Edgar Galvan, both of Tijuana, in a welterweight contest. As soon as referee Juan Morales Lee commanded the fighters to box, Leon scored with hard over head rights that sent Galvan into total defense mode. After numerous solid punches, Lee had no choice but to waive off the bout. With the win, Leon goes to 1-0, 1Ko while Galvan drops to 0-1.

It took two left hooks for lightweight Jessie Roman (6-0, 4KOs) of Santa Ana, CA, to stop Luis Enrique "Kike" Hurtado (1-2, 1KO) of Tijuana in the first round of a scheduled four. The taller Robles found a home for his left hook early and countered with it often over the wild punches of Hurtado. With only seconds after the opening bell, Robles caught Hurtado near the neutral corner and sent him down for the count. Hurtado beat the count but only to meet the canvas once again from the same punch. Official time was 1:28.

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