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Velasquez KO's Nogueira at UFC 110

Report by Brady Crytzer
Photos courtesy of Josh Hedges, UFC

In the main event of UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez, the young wrecking machine Cain Velasquez knocked out former world heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira in just 2:20 with a devastating three punch combination.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has made it clear that 2010 will be one of international expansion and great fights. In its first show down under it delivered with a heavyweight showdown pitting an aging former champion with hopes of regaining the world title against a young wrecking machine hailed as “the next big thing.”

While some expected a grappling superfight with the seasoned veteran teaching the young upstart a few lessons in combat, what they received was a violent reminder that the Octagon is no country for old men.

Velasquez looked to establish his punching power early as he ripped two hard body punches to the midsection of Nogueira. Though Nogueira was considered the better pure boxer, he appeared to be perplexed by the crisp power displayed by his younger opponent. Velasquez landed a sharp leg kick that backed his opponent up.

As “Minotauro” advanced toward his hard charging opponent to engage, Velasquez silenced all critics by landing a clean, three punch combination that crumpled Nogueira. With the Brazilian completely unconscious, referee Herb Dean stepped in to save the fallen fighter giving Cain Velasquez the KO victory at 2:20.

Silva Outguns Bisping, Co-Feature Steals the Show

In a three round shootout Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva was awarded a unanimous decision victory over Michael “The Count” Bisping.

Silva, who is known as one of the most vicious maulers in the history of the sport, looked to counter against the faster Bisping early. After missing with a kick and looping right hand, Silva was taken to the mat. After a momentary struggle, Silva worked his way back up and reset for action. The confidant Bisping landed a hard kick to the midsection of Silva and shoved him to the ground. With a stand up battle in mind, Bisping signaled to his opponent to get up and landed a clean left on Silva’s jaw for good measure. Following a fruitless flurry by Silva, Bisping landed again with a hard right cross. As the round ticked away the British fighter refocused his attack and began shooting for takedowns on “The Axe Murderer” with no effect. The round ended with another misdirected combination by Silva.

Bisping looked to continue his striking success in round two. After throwing a lazy kick, Bisping was tripped by Silva and taken to the mat. From the top position Silva pounded away with hard punches from inside Bisping’s guard. Seizing an opportunity, Bisping worked back to his feet and scored with a hard body kick. After a brief respite, “The Count” exploded on the former Pride FC champion with a powerful takedown. Not to be deterred, Silva stands back up and rushes Bisping. Although it appeared dangerous, Silva could not land cleanly on the former reality star. With seconds ticking away, Bisping was able to wrestle his opponent to the mat. Silva showed versatility however as he locked in a tight guillotine choke as time expired.

Round three saw both men swing with hard punches early. After landing another body kick, Bisping ventured low and connected squarely on Silva’s cup. Although he was offered a break, Silva continued and was soon poked in the eye. Like a man on fire, Silva began to show flashes of old and unloaded on his younger opponent with powerful haymakers. At the ten second bell “The Axe Murderer” connected with a devastating right hook that dropped Bisping. As he closed in for the finish the fight ended and the jubiliant Silva played to the gracious Sydney crowd.

All three judges’ scored the bout the same, 29-28 in favor of Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva.

Bader Backs It Up, Passes Biggest Test Against Jardine

In the toughest task of his career Ryan Bader, the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 8, scored a third round TKO over veteran warrior Keith Jardine.

Bader rushed Jardine early with wild punches and muscled his opponent into the cage. After a separation, the fighters traded off-target punches and Bader took Jardine to the mat. Bader, who made a name for himself in collegiate wrestling in Arizona, controlled “The Dean of Mean” from the top position and hammered him with elbows. The fighters were stood up after some inactivity and Jardine landed a trademark lowkick at the bell.

Bader shot for a takedown early in the second round and had no success. Though he missed the takedown and his opponent defended well, Bader controlled Jardine against the cage for an extended period of time. Once separated, Jardine displayed very strong takedown defense as he stuffed his younger opponent’s shots in the final two minutes of the round. With less than five seconds left in the period Bader managed to trip his opponent to the mat.

After missing with a long range takedown to start off the third, Bader restood and set himself to strike. Jardine, who holds the record for most leg kicks thrown on average in UFC history, added one more to his record. In a flash Bader sprung forward with a powerful right cross that shook Jardine and followed with a flying knee. With his man hurt, Bader ripped a left hook to the jaw of Jardine that sent him to the canvas. The fight was stopped immediately giving Ryan Bader the TKO victory at 2:10.

“Cro Cop’s” Still Got It, TKO’s Perosh

In an impressive performance heavyweight striker Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic battered Anthony Perosh en route to a third round TKO.

Mirko “Cro Cop” began the round by throwing a hard uppercut followed by a swift kick that missed its mark. Though it was early in the round, it was clear that the late replacement Perosh was entirely focused on taking his opponent to the mat as quickly as possible. Filipovic showed quick reflexes by stuffing the attempt of his desperate opponent, and scored with a piercing southpaw cross to the chin. A clear pattern emerged as “Cro Cop” timed the takedowns attempts of Perosh and punished him with hard punches. Perosh scored with a left hook, right cross combination, but it landed with little effect.

The second round saw the aging Filipovic smelling blood as he scored with multiple punches. After landing cleanly with a series of kicks to the body and legs, “Cro Cop” blasted his opponent with a hard cross and pushed him into the cage. In a last ditch effort, Perosh pulled guard to tame his hard charging opponent. In a flash Filipovic ripped an elbow across the forehead of Perosh that opened a nasty gash. The fight was momentarily halted to check the cut on Perosh. After the restart, Mirko continued his assault until the bell sounded.

Due to the large cut on his forehead, Anthony Perosh was unable to continue and could not answer the bell for round three. Filipovic was awarded a third round TKO.

Sotiropoulos Earns Biggest Win at Home

In the upset of the night George Sotiropoulos scored a three round unanimous decision over former lightweight title challenger Joe “Daddy” Stevenson.

Sotiropoulos came out quickly and shot on his stronger opponent. After some struggle, Stevenson finally conceded the takedown and pulled guard. From the top position Sotiropoulos worked from the guard of his opponent and transition to half guard. Once in side control, the determined Sotiropoulos found himself in danger from an arm triangle choke, but defended well. The Australian fighter took Stevenson’s back and attempted a kimura shoulder lock. The bell sounded saving Stevenson.

Though the fight was fought largely on the ground in round one, Sotiropoulos began the second period by throwing a hard knee followed by a short left. Stevenson missed with a superman punch, but was able to wrestler his opponent to the mat. Once in control, Stevenson pushed Sotiropoulos into the cage. Down but not out, the determined Sotiropoulos attempted an armbar which was defended nicely. Stevenson locked in a tight ankle lock, and though he was in a great deal of pain, Sotiropoulos escaped and attempted an arm triangle choke as time expired.

Sotiropoulos landed flush with a left hook to begin round three. After momentarily clinching, Stevenson attempted to take his taller opponent to the mat with no success. Sotiropoulos showed quickness after tripping Stevenson, but failed to keep the powerful fighter down. The fighters traded takedown attempts for the remainder of the round, and Stevenson managed to trip the Australian to the mat as time expired.

All three judges scored the bout 30-27 in favor of George Sotiropoulos.

Undercard Results: Lytle, Dollway Impressive in Wins

After two rounds of action, the light heavyweight bout between Stephan Bonnar and Krzysztof Soszynski was waived off after a clash of heads. With Bonnar’s head bleeding badly, Soszynski was awarded the TKO victory at 1:04 of the third round.

Gritty welterweight veteran Chris Lytle displayed well rounded skills submitting Brian Foster with a wrenching knee bar at 1:41 of the first round.

Former TUF 7 finalist C.B. Dolloway handed Goran Reljic the first loss of professional career after scoring a three round unanimous decision. Scorecards all read the same, 29-28.

Light heavyweight James Te Huna finished Igor Pokrajac with a vicious series of punches from the top position at 3:26 of the third and final round.


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