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Q&A: Jim Miller

Story by David L. Hudson Jr.

UFC lightweight contender Jim Miller loves to fight and craves the competition. He loves the challenges associated with testing his skills against other talented combatants.

On March 27th he faces a formidable challenge in the form of Mark Bocek, a dangerous grappler with real submission skills. Both fighters will enter the Octagon riding a three-fight winning streak. Miller knows this will be a real test for his grappling and submission defense skills.

One of Miller’s best traits is his great conditioning, his superior cardio. He pushes the pace on his opponents, often overwhelming them with greater energy. He believes this will be one of his key advantages in the matchup on March 27th.

You are riding a three-fight win streak. If you put down this fight and win the fourth in a row, how close will you be to a title shot?

I still think it’s a couple fights away. There are quite a few guys in title contention that I haven’t fought. Even if I get by Mark on Saturday night, I need to fight at least two or three more high-profile fights against top guys. But, I will keep pushing.

Speaking of Mark Bocek, what challenges does he present?

He’s a great grappler. He poses a real threat with his submissions. That is something exciting for me. I am really looking to see where I stand against a world class grappler.

What makes the fight so exciting?

I think it’s because where he is dangerous, I am dangerous.

I interviewed Bocek earlier and he was very respectful for your skills, but said he believes he has the advantage in every area. Do you have any response to that?

I think we’re both working on our games and we are both grapplers primarily. We’ll see when we get in there. It is one of those fights where if you make a mistake, your night is over. I do think I push a better pace than he does and I am looking forward to seeing where I stand.

You have a common opponent in Mac Danzig. You defeated Danzig and he lost to him. Does that help you in any way?

Not really in the sense that every fight is different. But, it does give me some confidence. I know that I grappled with Mac, who is a very good fighter, and came away with the victory.

What are your goals for 2010?

I want to keep winning and fighting the best. I like fighting because I like pushing myself. It is that desire to see where I can put myself in the sport.

Any message for your fans?

I want to thank everybody for their support. I really appreciate it. I am not the typical guy that talks shit and stuff. I have fans because they like the way I fight and thank them for that. I also want to thank my family for supporting me.

Any prediction on this fight?

I don’t see this fight going the distance. Somebody is getting submitted. It is going to be a grappling showcase.



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