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Q&A: Marcus Davis

Story by David L. Hudson Jr.

One of the most exciting fighters in the UFC is welterweight Marcus “the Irish Hand Grenade” Davis. Blessed with terrific power in his hands, the former professional boxer has garnered rave reviews for his willingness to trade and deliver knockout blows. But, Davis possesses more than simply a powerful stand-up game, as his submissions of Paul Taylor and Paul Kelly attest.

However, Davis’ career is at a bit of a crossroads, as he enters UFC 113 on May 8th with two consecutive losses for the first time in his UFC career. He dropped a close decision to Dan Hardy in a grudge match and then suffered a brutal kayo loss to Ben Saunders. Davis knows that he needs to win his upcoming match against Jonathan Goulet.

Davis was kind enough to take time to speak to Fightnews about his upcoming bout, his mindset, thoughts on Hardy and other topics.

How has training been going for this upcoming bout?

Great I started about 10 weeks back. I spent 16 days in Ireland traveling and training at many different gyms but primarily in Waterford at Waterford Muay Thai and MMA. Then I spent two weeks in Bangor/Brewer Maine at Team Irish MMA and finished my training at Sityodtong in Boston with Mark Dellagrotte. I had a great camp and am in excellent shape.

What challenges does your opponent Jonathan Goulet present --- what are his strengths?

He has nothing to lose. He will have the crowd on his side and it’s in his home town. He is aggressive and that can be strength but sometimes it can be a mistake.

What advantages do you feel you possess in this match-up?

Speed and power in my strikes. Better foot work and an all-around better grappling game. I think I'm probably better in each category but he does have height and reach.

How anxious are you to get back in the Octagon after the Saunders fight and the injury? 

Yes I am very excited and anxious to be back in the octagon but have no injury other then the cut over the eye. There was a misunderstanding between the commission and the doctor’s report that stated that I had a broken nose. My nose was never hit in the fight; it has always been broken and never fixed because it hasn't impeded my breathing.

Coming off the losses to Saunders and Hardy, does that provide extra motivation for you in this bout to get back to your normal winning ways?

Yes. It has been a history in the UFC that people get canned after losing 3 fights in a row, but at the same time there has been fighters who have lost multiple fights and have kept their job because they have had exciting matches. But, I don't want to take any chances so I want to win this bout big and decisively.

Speaking of Hardy, would you like a rematch with him?  


What would happen if you got a rematch with him?

I can only hope we get to fight again. I made some mistakes that I would capitalize on the next time.

I know you’re not looking past Goulet or focused on anything other than him, but are there any particular fighters you would love to test your skill sets against or you think would be a great match up or that you really want to fight for some particular reason?

Not off the top of my head. A while ago I wanted the Gomi fight but now after Kenny [Florian] took him down the way he did and now he's going to fight Joe Stevenson, I've moved on.

As a boxing writer and fan, I have to ask – would you ever consider a return to professional boxing?

Not really. I mean my passion is MMA but it always comes down to money and if it was offered I would take the right match for the right money.

What are your remaining goals in MMA for rest of 2010 and beyond?

For 2010, it is don’t lose a fight and for beyond 2010 – it is also don’t lose a fight.

 Any message for your fans?

To any supporters, thank you for sticking by me through these rough times. I've made some mistakes and plane to make up for them starting May 8th. Thank you and God bless.

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David L. Hudson Jr. is a feature writer for and the author of 28 books, including Combat Sports: An Encyclopedia of Wrestling, Fighting and Mixed Martial Arts. See David’s personal website at


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