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Carwin takes on Brock

Story by Andreas Hale

The stakes are higher than they have ever been for Shane Carwin. “Monster” has been rolling through the heavyweight division like Mike Tyson in the 1980’s. Nobody has been able to withstand the powerful onslaught of Carwin as he has amassed a 12-0 with 12 first round finishes. In Carwin’s last outing, the usually durable Frank Mir tasted the wrath of Carwin and had his lights promptly cut off at UFC 111 to give the Greg Jackson pupil the interim heavyweight title.

But now it is time to get the real thing.

At UFC 116, Shane Carwin will finally get his highly anticipated fight with Brock Lesnar for the UFC undisputed heavyweight championship. It’s been nine months since the fight was originally scheduled for November when Lesnar had to pull out. The fight was again rescheduled for January, but due to Lesnar battling diverticulitis, Lesnar again had to pull out. But on July 3rd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, we will finally see the showdown everyone has been asking for.

With most of the attention being on Lesnar’s return, Carwin has quietly been preparing for the biggest fight of his life. But if you ask Carwin, it’s just another day at work. “Every fight is your biggest fight,” Carwin says dismissively. “(Right now) this is definitely the biggest fight of my career. I’m excited about it but I approach everything the same.”

Carwin is often the larger man in the Octagon, but with Lesnar’s monstrous frame and tremendous athleticism, the Colorado fighter understands that this fight will be epic and his preparation will have to be impeccable.

“Brock is a big, talented, athletic heavyweight. Those are rare to fight,” he says. “That’s why this is going to be such a great fight. You have two big, athletic heavyweights who believe in themselves and they each know they are going to win. These are the great fights and the ones you will remember.”

With Fedor Emelianenko tasting defeat over the weekend, the stakes have been raised even higher as both fighters will be competing to see not only who the best heavyweight is in the UFC, but also the world. Both Lesnar and Carwin have strayed away from any questions regarding Fedor, but in the back of their minds they know what is on the line.

Two monsters with similar pedigrees will meet in the center of the cage. But who has the advantage? It depends on where the fight takes place. Obviously, Carwin wants the fight to be the feet where his frightening power has proven to separate the most game opponent from his senses. But the former Division II wrestling champion is prepared for anything on Saturday night.

“With both of us being wrestlers, it will be interesting when we get in there. Anything can happen. You only have four ounce gloves on so your margins for error have to be pretty small – especially for heavyweights,” Carwin explains. “I can see this fight taking place everywhere. I’m prepared in all areas. I’m just ready to fight and do what I love to do. This is fun for me.”

But it’s apparent what will happen if Carwin lays his monster mitts on Lesnar’s face.

“If I touch anybody with my hands, I can knock them out.”

There’s no doubt that Carwin is a powerful man who is looking to decimate opponent #13 and stake his claim as the world’s best. The title is significant but no matter what happens on July 3rd, Carwin is a man who will continue to fight. He may be soft spoken but when his fists begin talking, everyone has to listen.

“I like to fight,” the 35-year-old monster of a man explains. “This is what I love to do. I’m passionate about it. I’m not looking to eke out a decision.”

He’s made every other opponent a believer. Will Lesnar be the next victim?



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