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Marquardt Steamrolls Palhares
Accusations, Poor Sportsmanship Don’t Outshine Marquardt

Report by Brady Crytzer

The main event of Wednesday evenings UFC Fight Night witnessed Nate “The Great” Marquardt stampede through opponent Rousimar Palhares stopping him via TKO at 3:28 of the first round.

Palhares accused his opponent of applying a greasy substance to his legs to better prevent submissions, but no substance was found.

Neither man was able to find success early in the fight as, for the first half of the round, the fighters did nothing but pose in front of one another. Action was flared by the occasional feint, but little action followed. Suddenly in a burst of action, the powerful Palhares took his taller opponent to the floor. In an impressive display of jiu jitsu, the inflexible Marquardt quickly tied up his opponent and attempted an escape. During the transition Palhares snagged a leg of Marquardt and attempted a submission.

In what would turn into one of the more confusing moments of recent memory, Palhares began to point to the ankles of his opponent in an attempt to alert ringside officials that Marquardt’s ankles were lubricated with a slippery substance. During the lapse in judgment, Marquardt pounced on the complaining Palhares and hammered the Brazilian with several vicious punches. Palhares, whose complaints fell on deaf ears, was not defending the blows prompting referee Herb Dean to halt the contest at 3:28.

Following the fight, referee Herb Dean and other ringside physicians inspected the legs of Marquardt and found no substances of any kind in use.

Miller Outpoints Tibau

After three rounds of action lightweight Jim Miller established himself as one of the top contenders for Frankie Edgar’s crown by defeating Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision.

Round one witnessed Miller focused on landing hard punches and initiating fiery exchanges. The heavily muscled Tibau was eager to return pressure, but, after catching his opponent’s foot, was able to wrestle him to the floor. Though the men were only on the mat briefly, Miller was able to defend against his highly pedigreed jiu jitsu opponent and earn valuable points with ringside judges. Once back on the feet, Miller’s tenacity began to pay dividends as he staggered Tibau multiple times with long-range left hooks and overhand rights.

The second round saw the intense competition continue, however the takedowns of Tibau began to take over much of the round. Time and again Tibau would seek out opening in the striking-minded Miller’s game and wrestler him to the floor. As the final moments of the round ticked away Tibau remained firmly in control from inside the guard of his opponent.

The third and final round mirrored the first as Miller began to score more readily with hard punches and appeared to had solved the puzzle of stopping the takedowns of Tibau. After socring with more thunderous blows, Tibau could produce no answer for his momentum-riding opponent.

Judges’ scorecards read 30-27 twice and 29-28 in favor of the winner by unanimous decision, Jim Miller.

Miller Subs Pearson; Excited at Future Prospects

After each finding success early in the UFC careers, lightweights Cole Miller and TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson were anxious to test their skills at the next level of their career. After a round of exciting, back and forth action Miller was able to stun his opponent midway through round two and finish him with a tight rear naked choke.

The first round saw Pearson assume his normal muay thai stance and threaten his opponent with sharp counter hooks. Although he is an accomplished jiu jitsu competitor, Miller employed his reach advantage to surprise Pearson and pepper him with short, snapping jabs. Pearson shook off many of the shots and pressed forward in spite of his opponent. Miller, despite his success on the feet, would focus his efforts on taking Pearson to the floor and jump into guard while the Englishman was still standing. The round would end with Miller having little success in his endeavor to transition the fight to the mat and neither man had a clear advantage.

Round two saw the tide turn quickly in Miller’s favor as, following a wild exchange, the American Top Team fighter connected with a looping left hook that floored Pearson. Miller sunk in a rear naked choke in prompt fashion and forced the tap at 1:49 of the second round.

Oliveira Justifies the Hype, Submits Escudero

In a wild contest lightweight phenomenon Charles Oliveira submitted former TUF 9 winner Efrain Escudero with a tight rear naked choke at 2:25 of the final round.

The opening period saw the two young hopefuls feel each other out, Oliveira with rangy punches and front kicks and the shorter Escudero with short counterpunches. Neither man was able to gain an advantage during the striking contest and the first period came to a close with the fight at a rapid pace. Round two saw Escudero become emboldened by his opponent’s continuous peppering with low kicks and stood firm to allow the younger Oliveira tee off with a variety of shots.

The third and final round was one filled with unintentional blows and long, rightfully deserved breaks as both Escudero and Oliveira exchanged debilitating low blows. Though Escudero was struck first, the knee that he responded with froze the action of the fight for nearly three minutes. Seemingly reinvigorated by the foul, Oliveira exploded on his opponent by slamming Escudero to the mat and taking the TUF 9 winners back. Still standing, Escudero would be forced to submit to the spectacular rear naked choke of Charles Oliveira.

The tap came at 2:25.

Undercard Results

The middleweight showdown between David Branch and veteran Tomasz Drwal was an uneventful one as the two men wrestled in close against the fence for most of the fight. Branch proved to be the stronger of the two while jockeying for position. Fans grew impatient as Branch was announced the winner via unanimous decision. In a middleweight showdown TUF veteran Rich “The Raging Bull” Attonito earned a three round, split decision over Rafael Natal. Natal was unable to stop the well-rounded attack of Attonito and the reality television veteran walked away with the judges’ nod as a result. Welterweight TJ Waldburger utilized strong wrestling and tenacious takedowns to outwork David Mitchell for a heard earned unanimous decision. Welterweight Brian Foster need just 1:07 to knockout Forrest Petz with an overhand right in the very first round.



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