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www.fightnews.comBrown goes to town in Corpus Christi
WEC featherweight champ KOs 'Bad Boy' Garcia in one

Report by Brady Crytzer & Robert Casaus
Photos courtesy of Josh Hodges, UFC

Last year, Mike Brown shocked the MMA world when he dethroned long-running WEC Featherweight Champ Urijah Faber at UFC.

Last night at WEC 39, held in Corpus Christi, Texas, the defending champ shocked Leonard Garcia’s world when he took out the No. 1 contender in less than two minutes.

It was the first title defense for Brown, and Garcia’s first loss under the WEC banner. Both fighters were coming off big knockout wins, Garcia having earned his No. 1 status with destroying former UFC champ Jens Pulver in 1:12.

www.fightnews.comGarcia came out looking ready to throw and appeared very light on his feet, looking just a little overanxious.

Brown, in direct contrast, looked composed and patient. But just when it looked like Garcia was ready to explode, Brown took away his momentum with a perfectly timed counter right hand that landed just below the temple.

Garcia hit the canvas where he was rushed by Brown, who followed with a barrage of punches and elbows. Garcia fought to stay alive, but Brown did a great job of following up, determined to keep Garcia from recovering. Brown easily took Garcia’s back and searched for a rear naked choke, but when Garcia started to defend, he had no problem resorting back to his devastating ground and pound game. After landing another flurry, Brown effortlessly mounted the overwhelmed challenger while simultaneously locking in an arm triangle choke that forced Garcia to tap.

The Lonestar State crowd was not happy about the west Texas native’s loss but seemed to accept the consolation prize of what looks to be a sure thing: a Faber-Brown rematch.

“It’s what the fans want to see,” said Brown after the fight.

Brown moved his record to 21-4 while Garcia fell to 16-4.

www.fightnews.comLamas fight way to decision win

In what could have been the most difficult war his career, WEC newcomer Ricardo Lamas (6-0) fought his way to a much-deserved unanimous decision victory over veteran Bart Palaszewski (30-12).

The experienced Palaszewski showed his skill by avoiding an excessive amount of punishment, but Lamas’ strength was just too much for the vet to handle. Lamas wasted no time taking the fight to the ground, where a majority of the battle took place. He discovered very early that his bread and butter for the bout would be a very technical game of ground-and-pound.

Palaszewski was able to get to his feet for the second half of the first round, but had to spend a majority of the remaining time avoiding the takedown attempts coming from Lamas. The round was finished off with another Lamas takedown followed by an arm lock attempt that he was unable to secure. Again, Palaszewski managed to get to his feet, and the two exchanged punches before the round came to a close.

Round two was almost identical to the first, with Lamas’ strength overpowering Palaszewski, but the veteran’s experience keeping him from getting submitted or becoming victim to a stand-up war.

Round three was of little significance with the exception of an un-intentional groin kick delivered by Lamas. Palaszewski recovered quickly (even though he was allowed five minutes), and the two returned to what was the story of the fight—Palaszewski receiving punishment from the powerful ground and pound game delivered by Lamas.

In the end, Lamas was awarded a unanimous decision victory, with all three cageside judges scoring the bout 30-27.

www.fightnews.comPage returns to his winning ways . . . in devastating fashion

For most fighters, 18 seconds in the cage is a short night of work, considering that fights could potentially last up to 25 minutes.

But, for Damacio Page (11-4), of Team Jackson in Albuquerque, N.M., fights lasting under one minute are not uncommon.

Last night, Page, coming off a first-round loss to Brian Bowles at UFC 35, returned to the cage against Marcos Galvao (6-3-1), who did not, to say the least, stack up to Page.

Galvao, who is now 0-2 in his WEC career, was caught with a huge right hand very early in the bout, and the rest was history—Page finished up with a series of nuclear bombs that knocked Galvao unconscious just 18 seconds into the fight.

www.fightnews.comAldo adds another KO to his streak

Featherweight phenom Jose Aldo wasted no time in stopping an overmatched Chris Mickle in just 1:39 of the opening round with a flurry of punches.

Mickle threw hard punches toward his much more athletic opponent with little success. Though he never stopped coming forward, Mickle never looked comfortable throwing the strikes.

He backed away quickly when he was hit cleanly by Aldo.

After eating a stiff jab, Mickle covered up as Aldo unloaded on him. A wild spinning headkick tagged Mickle and allowed Aldo so land multiple punches until the fight was waved off at 1:39.

With this victory Aldo sends a message to the WEC featherweight division and sets himself apart as a true title contender.

www.fightnews.comMcCullough-Hicks disappoints

In a lightweight contest “Razor” Rob McCullough defeated Marcus Hicks via majority decision.

The first round was largely spent posing as both men showed respect for the other’s power. Hicks broke the stalemate by winging an overhand right and driving his opponent into the cage. Following a separation due to inactivity, the stand off continued. The round came to an end with Hicks looking to land hard shots to the body despite his 5’5 stature.

Round two was more of the same until Hicks blasted McCullough with a quick counter left hand that floored him. With his opponent hurt, Hicks dove onto the downed Californian and applied a tight guillotine choke. The veteran “Razor” Rob broke free and rose to his feet where he slammed a hard kick to the groin of Hicks. After a short break McCullough hurt Hicks with a swift liver kick followed by a hard knee to the head. With less than a minute left in the round McCullough peppered Hicks with hard punches to the head.

The final round saw a significant slowdown in the action. There was little contact made during the first four minutes of the round and the final thirty seconds largely decided the fight. The men exchanged blows as the final bell rang.

Judges scorecards read 29-29, 30-27 and 29-28 in favor of the winner “Razor” Rob McCullough.

Undercard Results: Page, Karalexis Crush Foes

Welterweight Johny Hendricks defeated Alex Serdyukov via unanimous decision. All three judges saw the bout the same, 29-28 in favor of Hendricks.

Kenji Osawa was awarded a split decision victory over Rafael Rebello in a bantamweight contest. Scores read 30-27 in favor of Rebello and 29-28 for Osawa twice.

UFC veteran Alex Karalexis stopped newcomer Greg McIntyre in the first round with heavy punches from the top position. The time of the TKO was 4:19.

In a lightweight contest, John Franchi won a three round split decision over Mike Budnik. Scores all read 29-28.

Welterweight Mike Pierce scored a third round KO over Justin Haskins with a short left hook. The time was 3:39.



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