Bowman bombs out Placencia

By Kurt Wolfheimer at ringside

A crowd of over 3,000 fans at the Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, Pa., went home happy on Saturday after local featherweight sensation Carney “Beeper” Bowman (14-0, 6 KOs) scored a picture perfect third round knockout over game Dominican Delvin Placencia (15-2, 6 KOs) in the eight round main event of the evening on “The Battle of York 4,” promoted by TKO Boxing Promotions.

Carney “Beeper” Bowman seemed in tip top shape and sported abs that bodybuilders would have been proud of, and it showed in the ring as he consistently unloaded crisp combinations, which landed cleanly on the Dominican featherweight Delvin Placencia right from the opening bell.

Placencia knew his chance was to box and stay away from the big shots of Bowman, yet it was almost impossible as “Beeper” was on his game. In the middle of the round, Carney stunned his opponent with three successive rights, but he accidentally pushed Delvin to the ground. Referee Gary Rosato rubbed off the gloves and Placencia appeared to have recovered. Placencia tried to counter and clinch whenever he could, but the sharp shots of Bowman put him in a defensive mode as round two came to a close.

In round three, a well placed four-punch combination, ending with a right hand from Bowman, put Placencia to the canvas. Placencia rose to his feet and tried to trade with the hometown hero as the crowd of 3,127 went into an uproar. Bowman seized the opportunity and connected with a counter left on the chin, which spun the head around of Placencia and sent him to the canvas for the final time. Bowman went to the wrong corner, which gave Placencia an extra five seconds to recover. Referee Gary Rosato resumed the count, but Placencia was too hurt to get off his knees and was counted out at 1:50 of the third round.

“I figured him out early and I thought I would get him out in the second round,” said Bowman. “I even motioned to my girlfriend that this was the round. It took a little longer than I expected, but I am definitely satisfied with my performance.”

TKO Promoter Chet Koerner was quick to lavish praise on the rising undefeated feather prospect, saying, “It was a big step up tonight for him. He beat a guy who was 15-1 and now we got big things planned for him. We started this in York 14 months ago and now he has 14 victories. It's time to put him on a big stage and win a world title.

We love York. We will definitely be back, but I want to get him out of this market. Take the pressure off of him. Let him get a couple of wins somewhere else. Keep stepping up the competition and have him rising up the rankings under world famous manager Cameron Duncan and under the TKO Promotional banner, the hottest promotional company in the land. The sky is the limit for Carney Bowman.”

Nemo dominates Delgado

In the co-feature of the evening, hometown featherweight, Eric Nemo (8-1-1, 3 KOs) of York, scored a one-sided unanimous decision victory over a very defensive Jairo Delgado (3-3, 3 KOs) of Denver, Colorado.

It was clear early on that Nemo was the stronger fighter as he walked down his opponent and landed heavy single shots. Delgado moved and clinched whenever in punching range.

Rounds two through four were more of the same, with Nemo pressing forward. Delgado was very tough to hit as he dropped down and bobbed and weaved. Late in round four, Nemo landed a nice right, but water in the corner forced a slip from Delgado. Time was taken to clean his gloves which helped him recover.

Nemo buckled the legs of Delgado in round five, which forced him to clinch and go into a defensive shell. Delgado seemed content to stay on the retreat while in the defensive stance.

Though Nemo threw several big shots in the final round, Delgado slipped and rolled with the punches to stay out of danger until the final bell.

All three judges gave every round to Nemo by scores of 60-54 x 3.

“He was really awkward,” said Nemo afterward. “He was running a lot. I still am on my comeback. I have a lot of Ring rust to get off, like cutting the ring off for one. I should have had him out there. So I am just going to take it back into the gym and even pick it up more.”

Taylor topples Ashworth

Hard-hitting cruiserweight Andres “Taylor Made” Taylor (9-1-1, 5 KOs) of Johnstown, Pa., rebounded from the only loss of his professional career with a resounding fifth round TKO over Lake Charles, Louisiana’s Roy Ashworth.

Taylor, weighing in at 201 pounds, used a 12.5 pound weight advantage to pound away at the retreating Ashworth throughout. Unlike his loss against Leo Bercier, this time, Andres knew to stay in control and eventually he would stop his foe. The power of Taylor showed as Ashworth found himself getting pounded against the ropes by round three. Ashworth’s only hope was to stay on the bicycle and throw wild left hooks and right hands that might catch Taylor coming in.

Late in round three, Taylor appeared to drop Ashworth with a four punch combination. But it was ruled by referee Gary Rosato that Taylor pushed Ashworth’s head down. Even as Ashworth’s gloves were being wiped off, he spit out his mouth piece giving him even more time to recover.

Ashworth was game trying to throw the wild counters while on retreat but was tiring by the middle of round four by the heavy handed exchanges from the advancing Taylor. Once again, Ashworth’s mouthpiece hit the floor, this time from a right uppercut that appeared to stun him and force him to clinch. Once again, time was called and it saved Ashworth again as he seemed to quickly regain his senses. Ashworth also got a shot in the midsection and complained vociferously that it was a low blow to no avail. Ashworth was caught in the corner with a left uppercut but continued to call him in as the round came to a close.

Ashworth immediately got on the bicycle in round five and began to smile and laugh at the chasing Taylor. The smile quickly was shut with a big right hand on the choppers, which forced a clinch. Taylor would not be denied and eventually in mid round, dropped Ashworth with a heavy right hand on the chin. Ashworth rose to his feet and went on the retreat with blood pouring out of his nose. Taylor had also landed a shot while Ashworth was on the ground, which could have had him disqualified. Just moments later, Taylor sent him to the canvas for the final time with an overhand right. Referee Gary Rosato waved it off without a count at 2:34 of round five.

Taylor wasn’t too happy about the trash talking in the ring from his opponent and expressed it afterwards.

"He was talking in there about this and that. A real drama queen you know,” said Taylor. “You never know who you will be up against when you go into the ring. Sometimes it is a fighter, other times it is a runner. He was a runner. I would have taken him out earlier, but he chose to run and it looked like he was here to get a payday and get out of here.

“I was caught in my last fight by one punch and it forced me to rethink my career a bit. Anybody can be caught with a punch. I got caught up trying to slug with him instead of staying calm and sticking to my game plan and wearing him down and that was how I lost.”

There looks like there are plans in the making for a rematch against Leo Bercier in Johnstown, PA for the WBF All Americas title in October. A possible date may be Halloween night. Will revenge be done, or will history repeat itself? Only time will tell.

Weimer defeats Guillen, Jr.

Undefeated local featherweight prospect “Stone Cold” Stevie Weimer raised his record to 4-0 with a hard fought four round unanimous decision victory over Irvington, New Jersey’s Melcor Guillen, Jr. (1-2).

Guillen, Jr. attacked from the opening bell with heavy right hands. Weimer weathered the storm and appeared to drop his opponent with a left hook in the closing seconds of the opening round, but referee Gary Rosato said he was pushed down and therefore not a knockdown.

Weimer controlled a sloppy round two as both fighters ducked and missed each other’s punches. However, late in the round, a Weimer straight left snapped back the head of Guillen Junior.

Both fighters took turns controlling round three in a give and take round.

Weimer knew the bout was on the line and found his mark in the fourth and final round, hurting Guillen Jr. with a counter left. Guillen Jr. was forced to hold on as Weimer unloaded a three punch combination up top, which sent the pro-Weimer crowd into frenzy. Melcor Guillen Jr. was able to recover and bounce off a couple of heavy shots himself, but Weimer’s hand speed was enough to capture the final round.

One judge scored the bout 38-38 (even), but was overruled by the other two judges who had it 38-37 and 40-36 for the majority decision in favor of Weimer.

“I knew he was going to come out aggressive as I tried to feel him out and see what he had,” said Weimer. “He wasn’t hurting me, but what did hurt where the several head butts. I don’t bruise too easily so that is a plus.”

The Dominican Man” outduels Carlos Diaz.

Rafael “The Dominican Man” Lora (11-0, 5 KOs) made his debut on American soil a successful one capturing a six round majority decision victory over Dorado , Puerto Rico featherweight Carlos Diaz (10-20-4, 7 KOs).

Lora, who now resides in Irvington, New Jersey, had previously fought all of his fights in the Dominican Republic against less than spectacular opposition, had to step it up in his US debut against the tough veteran Carlos Diaz.

Early on it looked like Lora would make it an early night as hurt against the ropes and was in the process of throwing eight unanswered shot, when he slipped from water on the canvas due rain earlier in the evening. Referee Gary Rosato took the time to wipe the gloves off and Diaz immediately recovered.

"The Dominican Man” resorted to boxing in round two, as he picked his spots with slapping pin point combinations. Diaz was game though, but whenever he would land a shot, Lora would come back with a four punch combination. Lora appeared to in control again throughout round three, but Diaz was beginning to land overhand rights up top more consistently as Lora tired.

Diaz appeared to change the momentum late in round four, as he buckled the knees of Lora with a big right on the chin, but Lora was able to clinch and then survive the round while on the retreat.

The final two rounds were close but Lora was just the busier fighter with winging two punch combinations and movement. Diaz pressed forward, but Lora was able to out jab him and stay out of trouble right until the final bell.

One judge surprisingly had it even at 57-57 but was overruled as the other two scored the bout 59-55 and 58-56 in favor of Lora for the majority decision victory.

Bell outclasses Espinal.

Five time Pennsylvania Golden Glove champion Naziyr Bell of Lancaster PA looked superb in his professional debut, easily outclassing tough Brooklyn, NY clubber Ariel Espinal (6-9-2 3 KOs) in capturing a one sided unanimous decision victory in their four round featherweight bout.

Bell used his vast amateur experience to keep Espinal off balance with his long reach, precise combinations and movement throughout the bout. Espinal, who had fought several top prospects such as Gabriel Rosado and Patrick Majewski, looked lost as he could never seem to get his balance and land his big hooks throughout. Naziyr looked at home moving and picking his spots with various two and three punch combinations, but never had Espinal seriously hurt in the bout.

All three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Naziyr Bell.

Dejesus overcomes Nelson

Local middleweight prospect Johnny Dejesus of Lancaster, PA (2-0, 1 KO) shook off over two years of ring rust to capture a unanimous decision over Columbus, Ohio’s Troy Nelson (0-5) in the opening bout of the evening. It wasn’t easy though as he had to get off the canvas to secure the victory.

Dejesus appeared to control the opening two rounds with his quick jabs and straighter punches. Late in round two Dejesus targeted the body, which slowed down the combinations from Nelson.

Just when it looked like Johnny Dejesus would blow out his opponent, Nelson caught him with a picture perfect two punch combination on the button which put the man from Lancaster on the seat of his pants. Dejesus looked hurt as he rose to his feet. Nelson showed why his record is 0-5, by not aggressively pursuing Dejesus after the knockdown. Dejesus eventually recovered and went back on the attack as the round closed.

The fight appeared to be in the balance going into the last round and the Dejesus would be the one who controlled the round. Dejesus immediately attacked from the bell and eventually forced Nelson to the ropes. Nelson tried to fight his way off the ropes, but Dejesus was too strong and continued to bang away to the body while on the inside. Once the fighters were separated Dejesus bounced his share of straight lefts and left jabs through the tiring Nelson right until the final bell.

All three judges had the bout in favor of Johnny Dejesus by scores of 38-37 x 2, and 39-37 respectively.

Punch Shots:

-It was a beautiful evening that also had several amateur bouts which preceded the professional show.

-There was a twenty minute delay due to a spot storm that came through the York area during the last amateur bout. Kudos has to go out to Terry Nye and his ring crew, who quickly covered the ring thus allowing the outdoor professional show to go on without a hitch once the shower cleared.

-The matchmaker for the exciting seven bout card was Chris Middendorf.

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