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Fisher plans to take Stevenson down

Story by David L. Hudson
Photo by Mary Ann Owen

One of the more entertaining fighters in mixed martial arts is lightweight Spencer “King” Fisher, who has garnered two Fight-of-the Night and one Submission of the night awards in his UFC career.

Fisher possesses kayo power with his striking and finishing ability with his submissions skills. In his 23 professional mixed martial wins, he has garnered 11 knockouts and 8 submission victories. In other words, few people go the distance with Fisher.

One opponent who did go the distance was legendary Japanese veteran Caol Uno, who battled Fisher to a tough three-round decision loss at UFC 99 – a performance a bit atypical for the exciting Fisher. Nevertheless, Fisher garnered another victory and moved every closer to a title shot. Now, at UFC 104 Fisher faces Joe Stevenson in a battle of top lightweight contenders. Fisher took the time to speak with Fightnews about the upcoming about and related topics.

How has training been?

It’s been great; I’m ready to go.

What challenges does Joe Stevenson present?

Well, he’s a good jiu-jitsu guy with strong wrestling and he is a very physically strong fighter. He also may be with the #1 camp in the world right now, the Greg Jackson camp. That means that I know he will have a solid game plan that he will try to execute.

Do you think the winner of this fight gets a title shot?

Possibly, I think that Gray Maynard is next in line, but if B.J. Penn defeats Diego Sanchez – given the close relationship between B.J. and Gray – Gray could step aside and the winner of this fight could receive the next shot. I hope so because I think I present the best stylistic matchup for B.J. Penn, as I will be in his face.

You’ve had two memorable fights with Sam Stout, splitting them – I interviewed him recently and he said he’d welcome a third bout. Would you like a rubber match with Stout?

Right now, no. Let’s face it – I won both of those fights no matter what the judges said on the first fight (that Stout won by decision). Stout is a tough, tough, game fighter but he doesn’t give me what I want, as he is not rated high enough. I want a title shot. If he wins a few fights in a row and moves up the rankings, then yes I would welcome a third fight.

You dropped a decision to the tough Frankie Edgar. Would you like to avenge that loss?

Frankie is a tough guy to fight in part because he has great cardio and has a constant go, go, go mentality. He reminds me of myself. Again, I want the title shot but if Edgar is in the way, then yes I’d love a rematch.

What is your prediction for the Stevenson fight?

My plan is to win obviously. On paper he is the better jiu-jitsu guy and will be diving for me shoestrings. I’m better standing up but I might take him down just to show him I can do it.

Your last fight with Uno was tough. What happened there?

I have so much respect for Uno; I mean the guy is a legend and I was more nervous in that fight than in any other. I knew what a dangerous guy he is.

What is your prediction on Penn-Sanchez?

I think B.J. though Diego Sanchez is the real deal and will present a real challenge. But, B.J. is the best right now in the lightweight division.

I read where your wife does mixed martial arts. Would you want your daughters to be involved in MMA?

No, they are all too pretty. My wife is too, but I can’t tell her what to do with respect to her hobbies. That would be overstepping on my part.

Any message for your fans?

I appreciate all the support. In my last fight, I saw someone cry with happiness when I walked out and that was really touching. I just respect the fans so much and thank them for their support.


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