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Diaz primed for Guida!

Story by Robert Kravantka

The bloodlines of the fighting style of Nate Diaz are seen in the style he shares with his older brother, Nick Diaz.

Both come from the pronounced Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

They aren’t afraid to stand and trade with strikes.

They share the warrior mentality of wanting to fight and fight often.

Diaz contributes some of his early success both in his winning of The Ultimate Fighter Series 5 and his current four fight win streak in the UFC since winning TUF 5.

Diaz discusses, “I was there with my brother when he was fighting, right along side of him. We would talk about the fights and what he should have done or what he did well. So yes, overall it’s a great comfort to have him not only train but to also help me in my progression from The Ultimate Fighter to fighting in the UFC. You know, he is a black belt under Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and I’m a purple belt so I believe we complement each other in pushing ourselves to be better all around.”

Tracing the rise of Diaz to a bout with Clay Guida at UFC 94, starts with the fact of winning TUF Season 5 against Karo Parisyan’s cousin, Manvel Gamburyan.

Gamburyan took the first round, but Diaz did not sustain much damage, and as the second round started, it quickly ended.  As Gamburyan shot for a takedown that was negated by the sprawl of Diaz, Gamuryan dislocated his shoulder and thus Diaz won TUF Season 5 and a contract with UFC.

Diaz, in discussing of a potential rematch with Gamburyan, had this to offer, “I would rather fight his cousin, Karo, who exchanged some heated words on the TUF Season 5, but I wouldn’t rule out anything with Gamburyan, just not right now.”

That would be an interesting tag line, as Parisyan beat his brother Nick at UFC 49 by split decision.

Karo is also fighting on the UFC 94 card, but the other issue to resolve would be the weight class, as Karo is fighting in the welterweight, while Diaz is currently in the lightweight division.

After three consecutive wins at three consecutive UFC Fight Nights (11 thru 13) wins, he fought and won “Fight of the Night” at UFC Fight Night 15 against Josh Neer.

Continuing his ascent to the top of the 155 weight division, Diaz is now facing off against arguably his toughest opponent in Clay Guida. Guida brings in a 24-6 record, and has recently fought the likes of Roger Huerta, Marcus Aurelio, Tyson Griffin, and Din Thomas. Guida brings a relentless and tireless pressure on his opponent, which will test the endurance and training camp that Diaz has gone thru.

Diaz states that he is prepared. “I trained my ass off for a hard three five minute rounds. That is what it takes to get a win at this level of competition. I know Clay is a wrestler, and I know he is going to be relentless, but I feel I have the same cardio as him. I feel if I do the things I need to do, I will be fine whether the fight is standing or on the ground.”

UFC 94 and Clay Guida will determine if his ascent to the top will suffer a detour, or if Diaz follows now in the success of past TUF winners and donning the championship belt.

Forrest Griffin went from TUF winner to champion in three years, who was then replaced by Rashad Evans who also went from TUF winner to champion in three years.

It is plausible to think Diaz will be champion soon, but the fighter continues to focus on what is important.

“I can go 4 or 5 rounds, but whatever UFC wants me to do, I will do whatever they want to give me,” states Diaz. If they want to give me a title shot, then, yea, I am down with that.”

Discussing a prediction for his showdown with Guida this Saturday, Diaz responds, “Watch and find out!”



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