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Marshall ready for a fight

Story by Andreas Hale

Truthfully, if things went as planned, we may not be talking about Eliot Marshall today. After losing an extremely controversial split decision at The Ultimate Fighter season eight to Karn Grigoryan, Marshall could have been sent home and never had a chance to shine on the big stage of the UFC. However, due to many significant injuries that left a few fighters unable to continue on the show, the fighter known as “The Fire” would find his way back onto the show and make a significant impact after beating Shane Primm and losing a hard fought battle with season eight winner Ryan Bader.

Since then, Marshall would go on to defeat former castmate Jules Bruchez at the TUF finale and was preparing to face veteran Mike Ciesnolevicz before finding out that he would face TUF finalist – who also would lose to Bader via first round TKO –Vinicius Magalhaes.

With the fight being set up between former housemates, Marshall knows a difficult fight is ahead of him.

“Styles make fights. Bader knocked out Vinny easy,” Marshall says when looking toward his upcoming match. “Bader and I had a decision fight. Who knows how it’s going to turn out. It can be different nights, different people, different things going on in your life at that point and time. It’s not really a thought process of mine.”

Magalhaes has gone on record saying that his Jiu-Jitsu is better than Marshall’s in previous interviews. To this Marshall brushes the comments off.

“Cool! He might be…right?” he says. “It’s my game too you know? It’s not like I don’t know my Jiu Jitsu as well. It’s not like I’m going to get lucky if I submit him. We’ll see what happens. I hope to finish him. I don’t like decisions.”

Marshall is the prime example for why a fighter never wants to leave his future in the hands of the judges. The judges nearly took away his future in UFC and Marshall would much rather finish his fights in devastating fashion rather than letting it go the distance.

“Decisions suck,” he says as he reflects on his decision loss to Grigoryan and Bader. “Plus, it’s not exciting. Let’s see people scrap! That’s what people want to see.”

“The Fire” is also quite interested in getting his hands on Ryan Bader again, but feels that the fight may never happen.

“I would love a rematch with Bader,” he says excitedly. “I would absolutely love it but I don’t think it’s going to happen though. It doesn’t really do the UFC or TUF any good. I’d love it. I think he’s a good dude and a good fighter but he played a very safe game plan (against me). I think he knows if he wants to go to war and see who will really win the fight, it’s going to be me.”

But for now, there is no future to think about until Marshall gets by his fight with Magalhaes.

“I try not to look forward. I try to focus on what is in front of me. If you start looking ahead too much, you forget about the present.”

Come Saturday, April 18 in Montreal, Marshall will find out what the future has in story for him.








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