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Barry preps for Octagon return

Interview by Brady Crytzer

The UFC heavyweight division has been getting a mountain of attention since the rise and subsequent headlining status of champion Brock Lesnar. Though the title holder is constantly being called out by heavyweight regulars, a new breed of contenders are preparing for their moment to shine. Featuring some of the best young talent in the sport, UFC 98 ushers in the return of one of the world’s most explosive strikers in Pat “HD” Barry.

Formerly (and sometimes still) known as “Get Hype,” Barry possesses some of the most violent and brutal kicks in recent memory. Just six days before his showdown with Tim Hague at UFC 98, Barry talked with to discuss life, fighting and everything in between. 

What is it like training under Duke Roufus?

Duke Roufus is everything a fighter could want. Not only is he a great friend, but the guy is a fight wizard. He has done everything you can do in this game. Duke and I get along great, but not just because he is a great trainer. He is my closest friend. There will be days when I walk into the gym and Duke will know what kind of day I’m going to have just by looking at my face. 

Talk about the atmosphere in Duke’s gym.

The atmosphere is great. We’ve got everything in our gym, and we simulate it all. I don’t need to go anywhere else to get the training that I need. I have been consistently wrestling and drilling jiu jitsu for this entire camp. Because I’m using new muscle that I haven’t used before, I’ve put on 8-10 lbs. of pure muscle. Eric Schafer is my number one guy for my grappling. Duke is the leader, but we’ve got Rob Smith and Ben Rothwell helping out too.

We’re like a gang (haha)

What do you know about your opponent for UFC 98?

Ok? Ready? He is a lot taller and a lot heavier. That is the exact definition of EVERY opponent that I have ever fought. He is a big, tough guy with heavy hands. He is an animal. He has a lot more experience than me and because this is his first fight in the UFC he has got something to prove.

That being said I’ve got to do what I always do and knock him out quick. I will never be the bigger guy in any fight I’m in. My toughest fights have always been against smaller guys. I fight with the attitude that “if you get close to me, I’m going to be able to hit you at least once,” and I train so once is all I need. I need to throw everything with bad intentions.

What are your favorite television shows?

Okay that’s a complicated question because I purposely don’t have cable. My favorite shows, in this order, are Lost, Heroes, Scrubs and The Office. I can’t watch just one episode at a time, I buy them on DVD because I need to sit down and watch all eight discs in a row (laughs)

What is your favorite fight of all time?

Marco Ruas versus Paul Varlens; that has to be my favorite fight ever. It is little man taking out the big man, I love it. Everyone says that I’m too small to fight at heavyweight. I don’t see myself dropping down to 205 lbs because lets face it…if I cut down I would still be a small light heavyweight. I would have to drop down to lightweight before I would be the bigger man (laughs.)


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