Hector Camacho, Jr.
Yory Boy Campas
Antonio Escalante
David Medina
Miguel Hernandez

Carlos Fulgencio

Camacho defeats Campas!

Middleweight Hector Camacho Jr. (50-3-1, 27 KOs) won a ten round split decision over former world champion Yory Boy Campas (92-15-1, 74 KOs) on Friday night at the Don Haskins Convention Center in El Paso, Texas. The bout featured a lot of clinching as the speedy 31-year-old Camacho looked to hit and grab the slower 38-year-old Campas, who mostly seemed unable to pull the trigger. Camacho was deducted three points by referee Laurence Cole during the contest. A point for a low blow in round three, a point for a punch after the bell in round four and a point for holding in round ten. Campas was cut over the left eye from an unintentional headbutt in round five, but neither fighter was down or hurt. In the end, scores were 95-92, 96-91 Camacho, 95-92 Campas. After the bout, former world champion Fernando Vargas announced he was interested in a comeback fight against Camacho. Where Campas goes from here remains to be seen as he is now 1-5-1 in his last seven fights.
WBA #1 super bantamweight Antonio Escalante (22-2, 14 KOs) scored an impressive second round KO over Carlos Fulgencio (11-4-1, 7 KOs). After a very exciting round one where both boxers landed big shots, Escalante dropped Fulgencio with a big right hand. Fulgencio tried to get up but fell back to the canvas and the fight was stopped. Time was 1:17.
Welterweight Abel Perry (12-3, 4 KOs) scored a fifth round TKO over Bobby Joe Valdez (9-7-2, 4 KOs). Referee Rafael Ramos waved it off at :32 just as Valdez was headed to the canvas.
Middleweight prospect David Medina (21-2, 10 KOs) pounded out an eight round unanimous decision over “Macho” Miguel Hernandez (20-10, 10 KOs). Scores were 80-72, 79-73, 78-74.

Camacho, Campas headline tonight's card
Tonight is fight night and on fight night the talk drifts away, the hype disintegrates and all that is left is a punch in the snout Click here for more in the El Paso Times

Escalante-Fulgencio co-headline tonight
There are no easy fights for Antonio Escalante anymore. El Paso's 24-year-old super bantamweight is ranked No. 1 in the world at that 122-pound mark and he knows ... he knows any setback at any time will knock out all the steps he has taken toward the top of the world. Click here for more in the El Paso Times

Fulgencio promises Escalante a war
“I am so excited to be fighting Antonio Escalante this Friday on pay per view," says Carlos Fulgencio. "I have wanted to fight the really good fighters… the ones who are for real and are a threat to your future. That’s what Escalante is for me. Beating him will give me great satisfaction . . . " Click here for more

Camacho-Campas weigh-in update

Weighing in 5.5 lbs. heavy on a scale deemed suspect by many fighter camps, Hector Camacho Jr. has given up his WBC Caribbean jr. middleweight belt for tomorrow’s showdown with Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas. Campas made weight, coming in at a trim 152 while Camacho, one of four fighters out of ten who were overweight, came in at 159.5. Rather than sweat off the excess, an agreement has been made between camps and Camacho will forfeit his belt. Agreements were also made between the camps of David Medina and Miguel Hernandez (who was 4.5 lbs. heavy); and Bobby Joe Valdez and Abel Perry (Valdez was 3 lbs. over). The only fighter who hit the gym was Antonio Escalante, who was reweighed at 128 (originally 130). While several fighters and camps protested the scale used by Texas Athletic Sports commission, officials were adamant about the scale’s accuracy . . . Click here for more

Camacho-Campas at the scales

From the Casa Nissan in El Paso for tomorrow night’s “Latin Invasion 2″ card tomorrow night at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso: After four of five bouts had fighters weighing in overweight, fighters and their respective camps complained of a bad scale. The Texas Athletic Commission, however, at one point moving the scale from a raised platform to the floor (which made no difference), were adamant about their correct scale. Main eventer Hector Camacho, Jr. came in the heaviest, at 5 1/2 pounds over the limit.
Hector Camacho Jr. 159.5 vs. Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas 152*
* For the WBC Caribbean jr. middleweight belt. Camacho has two hours to lose weight.
Antonio Escalante 130 vs. Carlos Fulgencio 126.5*
* Escalante was two hours to lose two pounds.
David Medina 167 vs. Miguel Hernandez 174 1/2*
* Hernandez has two hours to lose 4.5 pounds.
Bobby Joe Valdez 151 vs. Abel Perry 149*
* Valdez has two hours to lose two pounds.
Cesar Valenzuela 140.5 vs. Cruz Garcia 143.5
The Randy Griffin-Marcos Primera and Sammy Dipace-LeShaun Blair bouts were both scratched when, both, Primera and Blair submitted their medical exams late.

Camacho promises a swatfest
Hector Camacho, Jr. isn’t promising a slugfest victory over Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas, Friday night at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso – he’s promising a swatfest . . . Click here for more

Camacho-Campas final presser

Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas stood toe-to-toe with Hector “Machito” Camacho at Wednesday’s final press conference for this Friday’s “LATIN INVASION 2: REVENGE OF THE SON!” pay-per-view event. Camacho (49-3-1, 27 KOs) defends his WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation light middleweight title against the hard-hitting veteran Campas (92-14-1, 74 KOs) in the main event of the “LATIN INVASION 2” ppv LIVE from the UTEP Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. Campas fought the senior “Macho” Camacho to a draw in May and the junior “Machito” Camacho has vowed revenge! In the co-main event, WBA #1 super bantamweight contender Antonio Escalante (21-2, 13 KOs) battles Carlos Fulgencio (11-3-1, 7 KOs).

Video Q&A: David Medina
By Emily Harney sat down with middleweight prospect David “Gatti of the Rockies” Medina (20-2, 10 KOs), who takes on the toughest opponent of his career when he steps into the ring against former star of ESPN’s 2007 season of “The Contender” Miguel Hernandez (20-9, 10 KOs).

FightWriter on Camacho-Campas
In an oddity of a fight on Friday, Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr. meets Luis “Yory Boy” Campas in what is being billed as “Revenge of the Son”. I don’t know about “revenge” because Campas fought a draw with Camacho’s famous dad, Hector — he didn’t beat the 48-year-old “Macho”. Anyway, now it is the turn of the “little male puppy” — I believe that is how “Machito” translates — to try to go one better than the old man . . . More

'Yory Boy' has seen it all
It would be hard to find a style that would surprise a fighter with a career spanning over 20 years and with more than 100 professional bout, but on Friday, October 30th, Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr. (49-3-1, 27KO) plans to do just that when he faces former champion Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas (92-14-1, 74KO) at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, TX, as the main event of "Latin Invasion 2" presented by Zeferino Entertainment and Golden Boy Promotions . . Click here for more

Camacho wants own legacy
Hector Camacho Jr. relishes the opportunity to fight former junior middleweight world champion Yory Boy Campos on October 30th in El Paso, Texas. Not only does the fight present a battle between a Puerto Rican (Camacho) against a proud Mexican warrior (Campos), but also it pits Camacho the speedier boxer against Campos the more powerful puncher. To make matters even juicier for fight fans, Campos’ last fight – earlier this year – was against Camacho’s famous father – Hector Camacho Sr. In May 2009, Campos and the elder Camacho battled to an eight-round draw . . Click here for more

Video Q&A: Hector Camacho Jr.
By Emily Harney
Hector Camacho Jr., sat down with for an exclusive interview before his fight this Friday night against Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas in the main event on Latin Invasion 2, presented by Zeferino Entertainment in association with Golden Boy Promotions. The fight will be held at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas and distributed live on pay per view by MultiVision Media, Inc.

Video Q&A: Randy Griffin
By Emily Harney
Middleweight contender Randy “The Gentleman” Griffin (24-2-3, 12 KOs), who recently signed a promotional agreement with Zeferino Entertainment, will make his debut under the Zeferino banner on the undercard of Friday’s “Latin Invasion 2″ PPV event. Here’s what he had to say…

Camacho arrives in El Paso
Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr arrived in El Paso Texas today for his fight this Friday night against Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas in the main event on Latin Invasion 2, presented by Zeferino Entertainment in association with Golden Boy Promotions. The fight will be held at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas and distributed live on pay per view by MultiVision Media, Inc. Photo by Emily Harney

Campas still at it at age of 38
Yory Boy Campas has had a long and distinguished career in the sport of boxing. On Friday night at the Don Haskins Center, the veteran of 107 fights likely will be fighting one of his last fights when he takes on Hector Camacho Jr. in the scheduled main event. . . Click here for more in the El Paso Times

Hernandez: 'I'm still in the picture!'
Former middleweight contender Miguel Hernandez promises that he is not out of the picture, not by a long shot. And if all goes according to plan, on October 30th the entire boxing community will realize it too . . . Click here for more

Boxer Campas nearing the final bell
Yory Boy Campas’ career appears to be nearing an end. “Only two or three more fights,” he says. In the wacky world of professional boxing, this qualifies as news. Few thought Campas would ever hang up the gloves .. . . . More in the San Antonio Express

Escalante plays the waiting game
Antonio Escalante, the border’s biggest hope for a world champion, is playing the waiting game. Ranked No. 1 by the WBA, No. 2 by the WBO and No. 9 by the IBF, the Golden Boy-promoted super bantamweight is on the verge of big things. If all goes as planned, he just may become the first world champion El Paso has ever had . . . . Click here for more

Camacho Jr. vs. Campas
La noche antes de Halloween, en la ciudad de El Paso, TX, los fanáticos estarán sentados viendo lo que muchos consideran ser un boxeador joven quien siente que él tiene mucho que demostrarles, Héctor Camacho Jr. enfrentando un guerrero experimentado quien ha peleado contra los mejores en el boxeo, Luis Ramón "Yory Boy" Campas, en una entretenida pelea por pago por ver, el Viernes 30 de Octubre distribuida por pago por ver MultiVision Media, Inc.. . . . Mas

Zeferino signs Griffin
Zeferino Entertainment has just announced that middleweight contender Randy “The Gentleman” Griffin (24-2-3, 12 KO’s) has just signed a promotional agreement and will make his debut under the Zeferino Entertainment banner on the undercard of the "Latin Invasion 2" PPV card on October 30 . . . . Click here for more

Loaded undercard for "Latin Invasion 2!"
The night before Halloween, in the city of El Paso, TX., fight fans will be sitting back to watch what many consider to be a young fighter who feels he has a lot to prove to them, Hector Camacho, Jr. facing a seasoned warrior who has battled with the best in boxing, Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas, in an entertaining pay per view match on Friday night, October 30 distributed live on pay per view by MultiVision Media, Inc. . . . Click here for more

Escalante looking sharp in El Paso
Photo: No. 1 Contender Antonio Escalante prepares for Carlos Fulgencio Sunday afternoon at the Escalante Gym in El Paso, Texas. Escalante and Fulgencio clash on the Oct. 30 “Latin Invasion 2″ card in El Paso. Stay tuned for a full feature on Escalante later this week.

Héctor ‘Machito’ Camacho, Jr. y Luis ‘Yory Boy’ Campas se enfrentarán en lo que los fanáticos esperan sea una desafiante y emocionante pelea de campeonato de 10 asaltos que prometiera buen entretenimiento boxístico con un poco de drama también. Camacho Jr., de 30 años, el hijo del 4 veces ex-campeón mundial, Héctor “Macho Man” Camacho, estará buscando una oportunidad al cuadro de peleas de título mundial cuando él defienda su cinturón del CMB Federación Boxística del Caribe contra Campas, el dos veces campeón mundial de México. La pelea de campeonato Camacho Jr. vs. Campas está programada para 10 asaltos . . . More

"This is MY time!" says Camacho Jr.
“This is my time - Junior time!" is the latest from the fight camp of Hector Camacho, Jr., who is matched up against Ramon Luis "Yory Boy" Campas on PPV from El Paso, Texas, Oct. 30. “I demanded this fight with Campas. This is personal: he offended my father and my family. I know there are members of the media saying why Campas, but they need to remember that Campas is a really tough fighter who has fought the very best and held his own. Just because he is somewhat older does not mean he’s finished. Is Hopkins young? Is De La Hoya young?" Camacho promises Campas a punishing result on Oct. 30: “I'm not just beating him I'm knocking him out! He's definitely not on my level and I'll show the world October 30.”

Camacho Jr. works out in El Paso

Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr. stopped off in El Paso, Texas today to hold a media workout this afternoon for his highly anticipated PPV fight against Luis Ramon “Yuri Boy” Campas which is being billed Latin Invasion 2: Revenge of the Son. The media workout, which was at the L.A. Boxing Gym in El Paso included press from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Telemundo. With as much attention as this fight (and the workout) garnered, “Machito” took advantage of the cameras to slam his opponent and even through a jab at a Hall-of-Famer who was not in attendance . . . . Click here for more

Boxer Hector Camacho Jr. feels reborn in ring
Hector Camacho Jr. has the pedigree, the knowledge and confidence to be a world champion boxer. Now, the 31-year-old believes he has the right mindset to become a world champ.. . . . Click here for more in the El Paso Times

Camacho to defend WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation Belt against Mexican “Yory Boy” Campas
Hector ‘Machito’ Camacho, Jr. and Luis ‘Yory Boy’ Campas will face off in what fight fans expect to be a challenging and exciting 12 round championship fight which promises to provide great boxing entertainment and a little drama as well. The 30 year old Camacho, Jr., son of former 4-time world champion, Hector “Macho Man” Camacho, will be looking to jump back into the world title picture when he defends his WBC Caribbean Light Middleweight title against Campas, a 2-time world champion from Mexico. The Camacho Jr. vs Campas championship fight is scheduled for 10 rounds. . . . Click here for more

Escalante foe named!
The opponent for top-rated superbantamweight Antonio Escalante (21-2, 13 KOs) has been named for his Oct. 30 fight at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso. Escalante will be taking on Dominican Carlos Fulgencio (11-3-1, 7 KOs).

Medina-Hernandez, Cordova-Coleman added to "Latin Invasion 2!"
With one of the most talked about main events to hit the city of El Paso in years in Hector Camacho Jr. versus Ramon Campas, coupled with a popular local boy rounding off the undercard in Antonio Escalante, the October 30th “Latin Invasion 2: Revenge of the Son” has just added two more exciting fights that will round off the PPV card . . . . Click here for more

Camacho-Campas promo!

Complete photo gallery: Camacho-Campas presser

Click here for more

Camacho, Campas headline 'Revenge of the Son!'

In what promises to be the biggest fight to hit El Paso in nearly a decade, Hector “Machito” Camacho Jr. and Luis Ramon “Yuri Boy” Campas held their first press conference at the El Camino Real Hotel in downtown El Paso, to hype what is already being billed “Latin Invasion II: Revenge of the Son”, a PPV fight that will take place at the Dan Haskins Center at the campus of the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) on October 30. . . . Click here for more

"LATIN INVASION 2: REVENGE OF THE SON!" is presented by Zeferino Entertainment in association with Golden Boy Promotions and is hosted at the UTEP Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. The event is available LIVE on pay-per-view on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV and DISH Network, TVN Entertainment and Viewer's Choice Canada beginning at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster (including online) or can be purchased at the Don Haskins
Center box office (915-747-5234).