Hernandez still in the picture

Former middleweight contender Miguel Hernandez promises that he is not out of the picture, not by a long shot. And if all goes according to plan, on October 30th the entire boxing community will realize it too. The former participant of ESPN’s Season three of “The Contender” has struggled in his last two fights, losing to Luciano Perez and Derrick Finley, but he also recognizes that a dominant win over middleweight prospect David Medina could not just revitalize his career: it could put him back in the world ratings.

“The buzz I heard is that Hernandez is training with a new found vigor,” commented promoter Zef Ramirez (who in association with Golden Boy Promotions is promoting the October 30th Latin Invasion 2 card), “and that should worry David considerably. A Miguel Hernandez who is in shape and bringing his A-game can compete with pretty much any middleweight in the world.”

And if styles make fights this fight already has the making of a war. Medina has already earned a reputation for toughness and bringing an exciting “all-action” style to the ring. So much so that boxing fans in his native Colorado began to refer to him as the “Gatti of the Rockies”. And Hernandez had shown a warriors heart in numerous fights, including his exciting, (albeit losing) effort against Luis Ramon “Yuri Boy” Campas. In fact, many boxing insiders wonder if this will emerge as the most talked about fight of the night after it is all said and done.

“I know most people recognize that Hernandez is the underdog in this fight,” added Ramirez, “but I am beginning to wonder if anyone bothered to tell Miguel, because he certainly doesn’t seem to have gotten the message.”

The Latin Invasion 2 card will be televised via PPV on October 30th. It features Hector “Machito” Camacho Junior taking on Luis Ramon “Yuri Boy” Campas in the main event. The fight will be held at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. Tickets can be obtained through Ticketmaster.com or by going to the box office at the Don Haskins Center on the campus of UTEP.