Fulgencio promises Escalante a war!

“I am so excited to be fighting Antonio Escalante this Friday on pay per view. I have wanted to fight the really good fighters… the ones who are for real and are a threat to your future. That’s what Escalante is for me. Beating him will give me great satisfaction.”

“I’m a tall fighter who is very confident of himself. I have no fear when I step into the ring because I know I have great skills and a strong heart. I have committed myself to this business to become a world champion. I know the road is not easy but when I make it, the feeling will be worth all I have sacrificed.”

“My last fight was with Abner Mares and it was a loss. I don’t feel that bad about it because I know if we were to fight again in a rematch I would beat him. I prepared for only a short time and although he is a really good fighter…I am better. I respect him and I take nothing from him, but I know what it felt like in that ring and next time the outcome will be different.”

“I admire Tito Trinidad, Roy Jones, Jr. Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather. They’re the best in the world, exceeded everyone’s expectations, and fulfilled their goals. I want to be in that class of fighter. I want to be admired, respected and remembered.”

“I am excited to come to Escalante’s hometown and fight him. When the crowd cheers him on it will motivate me. I know the people of Texas like good boxing. They like a good fight. Once they see me in that ring on Friday, they will cheer me on.”

“I am asking all the Dominicans to watch my fight on pay per view because I am going to shine and make them proud. I fight for myself but also for my country. I am a proud Dominican.”